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"open season" on the Sin City Titans more alleged outlaw cycle gang members charged

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Four more alleged members of a nationwide outlaw biker gang are facing charges accusing them of crimes including robbery, kidnapping and murder, federal prosecutors said Friday. The U.S. attorney's office in St. Louis announced a superseding grand jury indictment naming the four additional men. Eighteen others were indicted in June 2011. The case involving the Wheels of Soul motorcycle gang began after gang-related crimes in St. Louis in 2009. Eleven of the original defendants have pleaded guilty. Trial is scheduled for October in St. Louis for seven people from the original indictment. Prosecutors also blame the gang in at least three murder cases. In 2009, members allegedly shot and killed a member of the rival Sin City Titans gang in St. Louis. The shooting came weeks after a meeting in which members were told that the Mother Chapter had declared "open season" on the Sin City Titans, according to the original indictment. In January 2011, a member the Wheels of Soul allegedly shot and killed a person in Chicago during an altercation with the rival Street Soldiers gang. And in March 2011, a member is accused of shooting three victims in the back as they fled from a party in Marion, killing one and seriously wounding another. Prosecutors described the gang, based in Philadelphia with branches throughout the U.S., as well organized and extremely violent. Authorities say the gang distributed crack cocaine and heroin and committed robberies to raise money. The new suspects include: » Jerry "Angel" Peteet, 49, of Gary, Ind., charged with shooting a rival gang member in Indiana in May 2009, among other crimes. » Anthony "Pharaoh" Owens, 23, of Chicago, charged with two counts of accessory to murder and tampering with evidence. » Curtis "Tomahawk" Cole, 33, of Camden, N.J., charged in a January 2011 robbery and killing in Chicago. » Trevor "Cyclopse" Seymour, 42, of Chicago, charged with conspiring with other gang members to commit murder in 2009, and with kidnapping a member of another biker gang in January 2010. The four men do not yet have attorneys.

The bohemian tenants of two Brooklyn apartment buildings say a violent biker gang has muscled in and gone hog wild

Monday, 18 June 2012

The bohemian tenants of two Brooklyn apartment buildings say a violent biker gang has muscled in and gone hog wild — turning a first-floor apartment into their private parking pad, throwing beer-soaked parties and assaulting a woman who snapped pics of them misbehaving.

“The landlord has hired thugs to drive the tenants out of the building,” said attorney Thomas Hillgardner, who represents several residents at 13 and 15 Thames St. — two ramshackle, three-story commercial buildings in the artist-populated nabe of East Williamsburg.

TOUGH! Hard-partying Forbidden Ones bike-club bruisers have taken over a first-floor Brooklyn apartment.
TOUGH! Hard-partying Forbidden Ones bike-club bruisers have taken over a first-floor Brooklyn apartment.

Hillgardner says the landlord, Andy Chau, is using the Forbidden Ones Motorcycle Club to “terrorize residents and have them surrender their statutory rights under the loft law,” which protects renters living in illegally converted manufacturing space.

“It’s like the ‘Hotel Altamont’ over there,” he said, referencing the 1969 Rolling Stones-headlined concert at Altamont Speedway in California where Hells Angels bikers acting as security guards menaced concertgoers and stabbed a man to death, immortalized in the documentary “Gimme Shelter.”

Tensions on Thames Street reached a boiling point earlier this year after the Department of Buildings enforced a previously existing vacate order due to a certificate of occupancy violation.

A woman who was paying $3,000-a-month for a 2,400-sqaure-foot first-floor space in 15 Thames — which is accessible by a garage door — got the boot and then helplessly watched as her living quarters became the biker hangout, Hillgardner said.

The Forbidden Ones soon started wheeling their noisy rides inside and hosting rowdy boozefests, alleged the woman who declined to be named for fear of retribution.

Last month, a biker allegedly punched out a friend of the woman after she used her cellphone to photograph them having a suds-swilling soiree. A female hellion hanging out with the motorcycle crew then slammed the woman into a concrete wall as another hood snatched away her phone, residents claim.

“They really own this street,” said tenant Matt Gliva. “Almost every weekend, they have big parties.”

The buildings, which once stored coffins, have a colorful history. An anarchist film festival there in 2010 drew an NYPD response, and it recently served as broadcast headquarters for an Occupy Wall Street film group that televised the raids at Zuccotti Park.

Many tenants believe Chau, the landlord, brought in the biker club, which boasts 45 members, to scare off tenants so the buildings could be used more profitably.

But Chau — speaking through his business partner, Richard Guishard — denied the accusation and insisted he wants the bikers to hit the road, too.

“We don’t want those people inside the building, especially if they are creating these problems,” Guishard said.

The Forbidden Ones denied using violence and countered that Chau promised to pay them — and let members store their rides — as long as they kept out residents Chau views as squatters.


Notorious Bandidos set up in South Auckland

Sunday, 17 June 2012

BANDIDOS MC  The Bandidos Motorcycle Club are one of the "big three" outlaw motorcycle clubs, the other two being the Hells Angels and Outlaws. Formed in Texas in 1966, they now have an estimated 2400 members, with over 90 chapters in the US, 90 in Europe and another 17 in Australia and South-East Asia. Their motto is: "We are the people our parents warned us about." In Australia, the Bandidos were formed by members who broke away from the Comanchero MC in the early 1980s. Many of their members are Muslim. The two clubs were involved in the infamous Milperra Massacre, which took place at a pub in Sydney in 1984. Four Comancheros and two Bandidos died from gunshot wounds, while a 14-year-old bystander, Leanne Walters, also died after being hit in the face by a stray .357 bullet. A further 28 people were wounded. More recently, the Bandidos have been feuding with the Rebels. Five Bandidos are accused of starting a blaze which destroyed the Rebels clubhouse at Albion, Brisbane, in 2007, while in Victoria, a Rebels member was convicted of the shooting murder of a Bandido in Geelong in 2008. In January this year police on the Gold Coast warned of a war between the two clubs after a Rebels member broke the nose of the Bandidos sergeant-at-arms at a local strip club.

Killer bikie Christopher Hudson makes pals from prison

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Hells Angel, serving 35 years for the frenzied murder of a good Samaritan in Melbourne's CBD, asks friends to write to help make his time "that much easier" at Barwon Prison.

Two from 'outlaw' biker gang sentenced

Friday, 15 June 2012

St. Louis man was sentenced to more than five years in federal prison and a Chicago man got 11 years for crimes connected to a nationwide “outlaw” motorcycle gang indicted in a racketeering conspiracy last year. Carlyle “Thundercat” Fleming, 33, got more time because of his involvement in a shooting outside a Chicago nightclub and the near-scalping of another man in a stabbing incident. Prosecutors said that Fleming was hoping to increase his status in the gang, the Wheels of Soul, through the acts of violence, and that he could have been responsible for a fatality in the Chicago shooting and another fatality in an incident in Indianapolis had his gun not jammed. Fleming and his lawyer said that he suffered from a troubled upbringing, drug and alcohol use and PTSD brought on by his military service in Iraq. Assistant U.S. Attorney Sirena Wissler replied that Fleming returned from Iraq in 2003 and only started committing crimes once he joined the Wheels in 2009. Prosecutors say former St. Louis chapter vice president Lawrence “Pac” Pinkston, 42, participated in the robbery of members of a rival motorcycle club in August 2009 and was present during a murder of a rival club member that same month, but did not fire a shot. He told fellow club members that he tried to shoot but his gun jammed. Pinkston received a sentence of 63 months in federal prison. The Wheels investigation, which resulted in charges against 18 people connected to the gang, began in St. Louis after an armed robbery and murder in 2009 and expanded nationwide, involving both the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and local police. Gang members are accused of drug dealing and gun running, kidnapping and multiple murders and attempted murders, prosecutors say.

longtime Hells Angel Rodney Sweeney, 43, agreed during a brief court appearance earlier this week to abide for a year by the conditions of a peace bond

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Redlined_16The Manitoba Hells Angels from 2008 in a photo seized by police and entered as an exhibit in court during Project Flatlined, a 2012 police bust targeting the Hells Angels and its "friend" gang, the Redlined Support Crew. Police identify the men highlighted at the top, all in jail at the time, from left to right, as Jeff Peck, Ian Grant and Dale Donovan. From left to right: Mark Jeremias, Jack Shore, Darren Hunter, Danny Lawson, Sean Wolfe, Shane Kirton, Rod Sweeney, AJ McLennan, and Dale Sweeney. (COURT EXHIBIT) the Crown have succeeded in slapping a longtime Hells Angel with a host of court restrictions, even though he is not charged with a crime, as part of efforts to keep a lid on the violent drug turf war between the gang and its rivals, the Rock Machine Rodney Sweeney, 43, agreed during a brief court appearance earlier this week to abide for a year by the conditions of a peace bond, a little-used legal weapon to fight organized crime.
"Rodney Sweeney was observed through surveillance actively pursuing rival gang members," wrote Winnipeg police Det. Grant Goulet in an affidavit for the peace bond bid.
Goulet detailed several occasions on which Hells Angels associates "assembled in convoys to go on the hunt for rival Rock Machine members," court documents state. Sometimes, the missions culminate in a home invasion, dubbed "knock knock ginger man," the court documents state.
Police implicate Sweeney in these so-called hunting missions through an intercepted text message from Sweeney's brother - the reputed president of the Manitoba Hells Angels.
"Grab some of the boys tell them to put somework (sic) it. Keep pressure on they hurtin (sic) bud!" police quote Dale Sweeney as writing to Justin MacLeod, the alleged president of the HA's "friend" gang, the Redlined Support Crew.
"Dale Sweeney in texting Justin MacLeod infers that Rod Sweeney wants to go out on the hunt again and tells MacLeod to gather the others (Redlined members) to put in some work and keep pressure on (the Rock Machine)," Goulet wrote in the affidavit.
Gang cops were conducting surveillance and wiretaps on the HA and the Redlined as part of Project Flatlined, a Winnipeg police bust targeting an alleged drug trafficking cell.
In all, 16 people are facing criminal charges for cocaine trafficking, money laundering and belonging to a criminal organization.
Dale Sweeney was among those arrested.
Nine others, however, faced the prospect of a peace bond under, also known as a crime prevention order, under Sec. 810.01 of the Criminal Code.
Including Rod Sweeney's peace bond, police and prosecutors have now triumphed in securing six orders out of a total of nine that were being sought.
Part of the aim of the orders is crippling communication between various gang members. For instance, Sweeney is not allowed to have contact with upwards of 100 past and present alleged associates of the Hells Angels, Redlined, or the Zig Zag Crew, the one-time puppet club to the Manitoba HA.
The peace bond does not result in a criminal record. However, any breaches of the order could spark a charge, which ultimately could end up on a rap sheet.
The same day Sweeney agreed to the court order, a Hells Angels prospect was ordered by a judge to obey a criminal organization peace bond. Raymond Plouffe, 48, will only have to abide by the conditions for 10 months instead of 12, thanks in part to his clean criminal record.

Feds arrest Hells Angels members on racketeering and drug charge

U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles and FBI Special Agent in Charge David A. Thomas announced Wednesday morning that hundreds of officers arrested approximately 20 individuals Wednesday after the return of a 91-count indictment charging members and associates with racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. The arrest warrants were served along with the execution of 23 search warrants around 6 a.m. in North and South Carolina. During the operation, law enforcement seized methamphatamine, cocaine, marijuana, pills and approximately 100 firearms, including 2 automatic machine guns. Prosecutors said in an 80-page indictment that members of this "criminal enterprise" engaged in money laundering, arson, and drug selling. Federal authorities would not release exact locations of the raids. WIS confirmed that one of those raids happened in Gilbert on Summit Estates Ct. Agents on the scene would not comment, but there was significant damage to a mobile home on the property. Neighbors in that area reported being awakened by a loud blast in the early morning. According to the indictment, The Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter of the Hells Angels had a support motorcycle club named the Red Devils Motorcycle Club (RDMC). The RDMC River City Chapter utilized a clubhouse at 5622 Highway 302 in West Columbia. Support clubs, according to prosecutors, are feeder clubs for the main Hells Angels chapters.

Body found in shallow grave in SA forest

South Australian Police say a post-mortem examination will be carried out today on the body of a man found buried in a forest south of Adelaide. Police are investigating the discovery of the body in a shallow grave in the Kuitpo Forest. They say a person walking in the area alerted them after finding a blood-stained shirt nearby. Police say the identity of the man cannot be confirmed until they get the results of the post-mortem. It is understood they are investigating whether it is 45-year old Michael Varehov from Mawson Lakes. Police says he is missing in suspicious circumstances and believe his disappearance is linked to an assault at suburban Beaumont in Adelaide. A man has since been charged with assault. Police say a Peugeot sedan connected to Mr Varehov's disappearance was also found last night, burned out at the nearby town of Myponga.

MOVIE tough guy Charlie Allan has been battered in a turf war between two feared biker gangs.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Charlie Allan, russell crowe

Actor Charlie Allan with friend Russell Crowe

Actor Charlie Allan with friend Russell Crowe 

MOVIE tough guy Charlie Allan has been battered in a turf war between two feared biker gangs.

The 49-year-old actor was attacked minutes before he was about to play a gig with his band.

The Scot was badly beaten by two men outside a hotel in Stirling and spent the rest of the night being treated in hospital.

The thugs who carried out the attack were members of The Blue Angels – a Glasgow gang who want to stop their rivals recruiting in Scotland.

They accused Charlie – who has appeared in blockbusters Gladiator and Robin Hood – of helping The Outlaws set up their first chapter in Dundee last year.

Yesterday, he didn’t want to go into detail about the vicious assault. But he said: “The attack was frightening and left me quite traumatised.”

Biker Charlie, who plays the bagpipes with Scottish folk band Saor Patrol, was booked to perform at a festival organised by The Outlaws. But he pulled his band out of next month’s three-day rock and blues event in Derby after he was beaten.

Police have claimed that The Outlaws – the world’s biggest biker gang – are involved in drug dealing, murder and prostitution.

The Blue Angels are so far Scotland’s only bike gang and are also said to be linked to organised crime.

A source said: “Two guys from The Blue Angels turned up at the hotel to threaten Charlie and warn him to end his relationship with The Outlaws.

“He’s not the kind of guy to just sit back and be intimidated and told them what they could do with their threats.

“But the men then really set about Charlie and left him a bad way. Doctors decided to keep him in hospital overnight because the beating was so severe.

“Charlie has decided getting caught in the crossfire of a war between the two gangs wasn’t worth the hassle and he has too much to lose.

“He distanced himself from The Outlaws and is concentrating on his own projects.”

Charlie is head of the Clanranald Trust, who promote Scotland’s heritage, and is building a medieval fort in Duncarron, Stirlingshire, to educate schoolchildren.

His 16-year battle to raise funds to help build the project was the subject of STV documentary Charlie’s Army last Tuesday. He also raises cash to help fund his dream by hiring his 160-strong army for Hollywood fight scenes.

Oscar-winning star Russell Crowe, who became friends with Charlie while filming Gladiator, appeared on the documentary.

The star managed to convince movie bosses to donate a battering ram from the set of Robin Hood for Duncarron. And Crowe vowed that he’d convince director Ridley Scott to consider using the venue in future films.

Last year, police revealed that The Outlaws had targeted Scotland.

In 2007, Hells Angel Gerry Tobin was shot dead on the M40 in Warwickshire and seven members of The Outlaws were convicted.

And in 2010, The Outlaws leader for Europe and Asia, Stuart Lawson, was jailed for five years for drug offences in Wales.

Last year, it was revealed that The Outlaws had set up their first chapter in Dundee. But the gang have a presence around the globe, with more than 200 chapters in Europe, Australia, Asia, the US and Canada.

Members wear black leather jackets with a crossed piston and skull motif while The Blue Angels logo is a skull in a winged helmet.

Police said their inquiries are continuing into the attack on Charlie.

Hells Angels in NC, SC arrested on drug charges

Friday, 8 June 2012

Authorities say they have arrested 19 people on gun and drug charges in the Carolinas who are either members or associates of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang. U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles said Thursday the suspects are from North and South Carolina. They were arrested as part of a two-year investigation. Nettles says agents served nearly two dozen search warrants on Thursday, recovering a wide variety of drugs and more than 100 firearms, including two machine guns. Prosecutors say the men and women sold drugs, laundered money and committed arson. They're also accused of selling weapons they knew would be used in crimes. The suspects face charges including racketeering, conspiracy, money laundering and drug violations. It wasn't immediately clear if they had attorneys or when they'd appear in court.

Police raid more than 70 biker gang addresses

Thursday, 7 June 2012

German police carried out another massive raid against biker gangs on Thursday morning, sending around 1,000 police officers to more than 70 addresses in and around Berlin – and special forces to one clubhouse. Commandos from the GSG 9 busted into a building at 5am, smashing windows, using stun grenades and shooting dead a dog in the small town of Henningsdorf just north of the capital. As the day wore on and the arrested men were removed, detectives started tearing the walls apart looking for hidden drugs and weapons. Unlike raids across northern Germany last month, including one in Berlin which had to be brought forward after details were leaked to the gang, Thursday’s operation targeted the Bandidos gang rather than their rivals the Hells Angels. Officers struck at 74 flats and buildings used by the gang, with the aim of breaking up drug dealing operations and combating organized crime, a police spokesman said. Seven outstanding arrest warrants against members of the Bandido chapter Del Este were also executed. The club’s president, a former policeman named only as Thorsten S., was also arrested on a warrant for robbery. Public prosecutors have been investigating the gang since last year, and the raid had been planned for more than a month, even though the Bandidos have not been officially banned. The police spokesman said there was no connection with the Berlin Hells Angels club ban and ensuing raid last month. That raid was undermined by a leaked tip which police fear came from within their ranks, which enabled the Hells Angels to officially dissolve their club and move their money elsewhere.

Police identify 'Finks Terror Team'

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Gold Coast's Finks Motorcycle club has a "Finks Terror Team" whose major function is to extort money, a police court application says. Yassar Bakir, Shane Bowden, Nicholas Forbes, Graeme Keating, Greg Keating, Leslie Martin, Jason Morrison, Richard Michail, Sacha Nachouki and Darren Watson are named as past and current members of the team in the 95-page document lodged in the Supreme Court on Friday. It is Queensland police's first attempt at using the Criminal Organisation Act 2009 to have a group declared a criminal organisation. If successful, police will be able to pursue orders against past and current Finks' members to restrict their activities, including banning them from recruiting, from entering the clubhouse and other venues, and from working in specific industries such as gaming and security. The application, obtained from the Supreme Court, says members "habitually, both individually and collectively, engage in serious criminal activity". It contains a lengthy list of convictions and pending charges against more than 40 members, involving murder, drug trafficking, supply and possession of dangerous drugs, extortion, stalking, supply and possession of firearms and assault occasioning bodily harm. The convictions date as far back as 1992. The application says Finks member Glenn Douglas Laycock was convicted of murdering Darryl Lewis and was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1998. He and at least 14 other gang members, armed with guns, baseball bats and iron bars, confronted Lewis and another man in 1996 over a motorbike they said had been stolen from one of their members. The two men were held against their will and assaulted before Lewis was dumped outside the Beenleigh Ambulance Station. He later died from head injuries. In another incident, a Finks' nominee member threw a man over a balcony railing in 2001 and was later convicted of assault occasioning bodily harm. Another member threatened Gold Coast hospital staff in July 2005. His wife was a patient of the hospital at the time. The application says he "told staff that he was a member of the organisation and that if his demands were not met, 30 other `Finks' would attend the hospital." It also cites the case of one member who was jailed after he flew to Sydney to source cocaine and MDMA in time for the schoolies' festival. The Finks' lawyer is yet to lodge a response to the application. The case is set to be heard in the Supreme Court in Brisbane on June 21.

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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