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Two from 'outlaw' biker gang sentenced

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

St. Louis man was sentenced to more than five years in federal prison and a Chicago man got 11 years for crimes connected to a nationwide “outlaw” motorcycle gang indicted in a racketeering conspiracy last year. Carlyle “Thundercat” Fleming, 33, got more time because of his involvement in a shooting outside a Chicago nightclub and the near-scalping of another man in a stabbing incident. Prosecutors said that Fleming was hoping to increase his status in the gang, the Wheels of Soul, through the acts of violence, and that he could have been responsible for a fatality in the Chicago shooting and another fatality in an incident in Indianapolis had his gun not jammed. Fleming and his lawyer said that he suffered from a troubled upbringing, drug and alcohol use and PTSD brought on by his military service in Iraq. Assistant U.S. Attorney Sirena Wissler replied that Fleming returned from Iraq in 2003 and only started committing crimes once he joined the Wheels in 2009. Prosecutors say former St. Louis chapter vice president Lawrence “Pac” Pinkston, 42, participated in the robbery of members of a rival motorcycle club in August 2009 and was present during a murder of a rival club member that same month, but did not fire a shot. He told fellow club members that he tried to shoot but his gun jammed. Pinkston received a sentence of 63 months in federal prison. The Wheels investigation, which resulted in charges against 18 people connected to the gang, began in St. Louis after an armed robbery and murder in 2009 and expanded nationwide, involving both the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and local police. Gang members are accused of drug dealing and gun running, kidnapping and multiple murders and attempted murders, prosecutors say.

Police are searching for the person responsible for murdering Clyde Thompson Jr, 51, president of the San Diego chapter of the nationwide Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The biker known as Wild Dogg was working on his motorcycle with a friend on Friday night in the California city when an SUV pulled up and a passenger opened fire, San Diego police Lt. Ernie Herbert said.

Fatal: Clyde Thompson Jr, of San Diego, the president of the local chapter of a national motorcycle club, was gunned down and killed on Friday

Fatal: Clyde Thompson Jr, of San Diego, the president of the local chapter of a national motorcycle club, was gunned down and killed on Friday

Loss: The local chapter of the Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club (pictured) that Mr Thompson led and rebuilt is mourning the death of their friend

Loss: The local chapter of the Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club (pictured) that Mr Thompson led and rebuilt is mourning the death of their friend

He was apparently shot several times in front of the building of the group's 'mother chapter,' according to a post on the club's website.

Police haven't determined a motive for the killing.

Members of the group he led mourned and paid tribute to their friend, who was pronounced dead at hospital.




Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club mourned what it called 'Wild Dogg's martyrdom' in a post on the group's Facebook page.

'We continue to struggle to cope with the sobering reality that despite four decades of peaceful, non-violent existence,' the post said, 'we awake this Mother's Day Sunday having suffered the cowardly, brutal assassination of a Black Sabbath M.C. President, Wild Dogg.'

Mystery: Police haven't been able to figure out a motive or find a suspect in the murder of Mr Thompson, who was well-liked among his biker friends

Mystery: Police haven't been able to figure out a motive or find a suspect in the murder of Mr Thompson, who was well-liked among his biker friends

'Reputation': Police are trying to find the person responsible as Mr Thompson's biker members say their club was known for staying out of trouble

'Reputation': Police are trying to find the person responsible as Mr Thompson's biker members say their club was known for staying out of trouble

It goes on to call Thompson a 'responsible brother with big shoulders. He was simply a very nice person who did not deserve to be shot down in the street like a rabid dog.'

Mr Thompson took charge of the local chapter in 2007, which was struggling, the club website said.

He retooled it and strengthened it with new staff, according to the website.

The club was founded in 1972 by seven black men who liked to ride on Sundays, the group's website said. The Mighty Black Sabbath M.C. Nation has since become a multicultural club headquartered in Atlanta with 17 chapters nationwide.

Late last year, Thompson took over what is known as the 'mother chapter' in San Diego.

Stunned: Mr Thompson's fellow club members are in shock as they mourn their president, who was shot in front of their chapter office

Stunned: Mr Thompson's fellow club members are in shock as they mourn their president, who was shot in front of their chapter office

John, 'Black Dragon' Bunch, the group's national president who lives in Georgia, said members have historically been servicemen and tradesman - adopting nicknames to avoid misunderstandings with employers.

'We don't have a motorcycle club that has a reputation for trouble,' Bunch said to UT San Diego. 'So we can't imagine who would have the need or the desire to hurt one of our members.'

Bunch told the newspaper that Thompson, who led the club through a difficult period after taking over, 'was a problem-solver, he was not a troublemaker.'

Thompson was survived by a long-term girlfriend and two daughters, according to the club's website.


Danish and Thai Police Chasing Bikers

According to the Danish newspaper, Politiken, Danish Motorcycle gangs, Hells Angels and Bandidos, are getting more visible in Thailand, but now a cooperation between the Danish and the Thai police is set to keep a close eye on the bikers, who are known for a wide variety of criminal activities in Denmark. “The motorcycle gangs can forget setting up Thailand as a base for their criminal activities. In both Denmark and Thailand there is a strong will to fight the kind of crimes these gangs are known for. We are now sharing information and we are willing to assist the Thai police in specific cases as well,” says Kim Kliver, Head of the National investigations center of the Danish Police. The Danish police are very much aware of the fact that Thailand could be seen as the perfect place to hide money as well as supplying the bikers with drugs and women for prostitution. “Women from Asia are the largest group of women being trafficked to Denmark, and because of that we will be very much on our toes to see if the bikers are showing interest of getting in to that business as well,” says Kim Kliver. According to the Danish paper, the Danish bikers are mostly operating in Thailand and Pattaya.

2 life sentences in biker gang murder

A member of the Modesto chapter of the Mongols motorcycle gang was sentenced this week to two consecutive life sentences in prison for the murder of a rival gang member, U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag announced this week. Christopher Bryan Ablett, a k a "Stoney," was found guilty of murdering the president of the San Francisco chapter of the Hells Angels in September 2008. Ablett was outside a bar in San Francisco's Mission District wearing the Mongols' gang insignia when he was approached by Hells Angel Mark "Papa" Guardado. A fight broke out, during which Ablett stabbed Guardado four times with a foot-long military knife and shot him twice with a .357 Magnum revolver, killing him. U.S. District Court Judge Richard Seeborg handed down the two life sentences for the guilty verdicts of murder and racketeering.

Finks sentenced after nightclub fight

Friday, 25 May 2012

Six Finks bikies have been given suspended jail sentences over a fight with members of the Hells Angels at an Adelaide nightclub. The brawl at the City Nightclub in May last year was started after an altercation between two rival gang members at another club. Security vision of the brawl showed men using bar stools and bottles to attack each other. Nine members of the Finks pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated affray. In the Adelaide Magistrates Court, six were given suspended four-month prison sentences. One of the other men is already in custody and has had time added to his sentence, while the remaining two were taken into custody, one for breaching his parole and the other for breaching his bond. Two other Finks have yet to answer charges over the brawl. Charges against the Hells Angels were dropped.

The FBI informant who brought down an Alaska militia headed by Schaeffer Cox last year admitted this week that he ran drugs for the Hells Angels motorcycle gang

The FBI informant who brought down an Alaska militia headed by Schaeffer Cox last year admitted this week that he ran drugs for the Hells Angels motorcycle gang before he began working with the feds. The federal trial of Cox, Coleman Barney and Lonnie Vernon began earlier this month and could last several weeks. They are charged with plotting to murder government and law enforcement officials. The Anchorage Daily News reports that 37-year-old Gerald “J.R.” Olson worked as a “prospect” for the Angels and hauled drugs from Washington state to Alaska for 17 months. He said he was later charged with felonies for stealing a mini front-end loader, according to the paper. The FBI, had given Olson $77,000 to help cover expenses and move his wife and children out of Alaska, according to the Alaska Dispatch. When a defense lawyer asked him how much he hoped to earn for his services, Olson said his opening bid would be $300,000. U.S. District Judge Robert J. Bryan had earlier denied the government’s request to prevent any evidence relating to “Self-Defense (including any reference to the events of “Ruby Ridge”), Religious Belief or Membership, Innocent Possession, Nullification and Entrapment,” from being introduced. The government had maintained that such defenses were “irrelevant and inappropriate.”

Police hunt for missing man in cement floor

Over 1,200 police officers were deployed across northern Germany to raid known Hells Angels' haunts on Thursday – including pubs, brothels and houses. Police were led to a warehouse in the Altenholz area outside the city of Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, where they suspect the body of a missing man, 47-year-old Tekin Bicer, has been cemented into the floor by the gang. State prosecutors said on Friday that investigators emptied the building and are currently scanning it with special equipment. But they did not say whether Bicer, who had been missing since April 2010, had previously been linked to the biker gang. Kiel was a focal point for the raids, with police storming 87 addresses and arresting five leading Hells Angels members. They also confiscated several knives, guns and machetes, along with computers and mobile phones. Prosecutors are now investigating 69 members of the gang on a total of nearly 200 potential counts of sex trafficking, assault, corruption and illegally selling guns – possibly to far-right extremist party the National Democratic Party (NPD). Thursday's raids were the largest-ever against the Hells Angels of northern Germany. The biker gang is often linked to criminal activity in Germany and violent clashes with other gangs.

Germany Hell’s Angels raided by police

German police carried out a series of raids across the north of the country, targeting properties linked to the Hell’s Angels biker club. The operations were carried out at 80 locations in Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, including the home of Frank Hanebuth, whose dog was shot during the raid. Amongst other things, police were reportedly looking for the body of a Turkish man who may have been killed after falling out with the group. Soenke Hinrichs with the city of Kiel’s police department said: “The aim of the search was to find evidence of a variety of crimes, such as assault and arms trafficking.” Germany’s Hell’s Angels are also suspected of being involved in people trafficking. The worldwide organisation is thought to have links with organised crime. Authorities shut down some Hell’s Angels clubs in northern Germany two years ago.

North Texas biker convicted of machine gun possession

59-year-old Texas man faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine following his conviction on charges he possessed an illegal machine gun. Benjamin Edward Neuner, known as "Rebel Rider Ben" and from Alvarado in Johnson County," was convicted Tuesday by a federal court jury in Fort Worth. Neuner, identified as a member of the Rebel Riders Motorcycle Club, contended he was entrapped by a rival Bandido motorcycle gang member. Federal prosecutors say Neuner converted two rifles into machine guns and delivered them to an undercover FBI agent. Neuner, identified as a member of the Rebel Riders Motorcycle Club, contended he was entrapped by a rival Bandido motorcycle gang member. Neuner remains in custody awaiting sentencing set for Aug. 31.

A GOLDEN Grove man charged with illegally possessing a 9mm semi-automatic handgun will face Holden Hill Magistrates Court next month.


The firearm seided at Golden Grove.Crime Gangs Task Force raided the 23-year-old man's home last night and allegedly uncovered the pistol, a baton, OC or pepper spray and an undisclosed amount of a controlled drug believed to be amphetamine.

Police say he is believed to have links to a motorcycle crime gang.

He was charged with firearm offences, possessing prohibited weapons and trafficking in controlled drugs but bailed to appear in the Holden Hill Magistrates Court next month.

Focarelli phone conversations released in court

Prison phone conversations were released in court today to provide evidence that former bikie gang leader Vince Focarelli had breached his bail conditions. Police alleged Focarelli breached the conditions 11 times by having phone conversations with an outlaw Michael Sfyris. According to court documents, Sfyris and Focarelli used prison phones to declare their brotherly love, preach Islam and plot rebuilding the New Boys gang. The calls were made while Sfyris was in jail and was before Focarelli's son Giovanni died. Earlier this year, Focarelli told Sfyris he was "always there" for him. Sfyris replied: "Hey brother, you know what you've given me because I lost faith in mankind. "I had lost the ability to love my brothers, you know? "You've given me that ability back, do you know what I mean?" They discussed the recruitment of Newboys to make it a stronger gang and talked about their devotion to Islam. "I'll tell you something now, no one is stepping one foot into this brotherhood without having any intentions of converting to Islam," Focarelli said. The phone calls give an insight into a period when the Newboys patched over to the Comancheros, known as the Comos. Conversations suggest they once had a relationship with former national boss Mahmoud Hawi who's in jail for murder over the Sydney Airport brawl. The phone calls are being used as evidence against Focarelli in a breach of bail charges. Today Sfyris was fined $3000 for possessing a controlled drug. A trial on the issue will continue next month with Focarelli remaining in custody in the meantime. Focarelli drug charges Vince Focarelli will argue next week that he has no case to answer on drug charges. It has been alleged that police found a bottle of drugs in the car the 37-year-old was driving when he flagged down a patrol in January on the night he and his son were shot. Giovanni Focarelli, 22, died in the attack while Focarelli was hospitalised for several weeks with serious wounds. On Friday the court was told it was likely a second person would be charged over the drugs. But Magistrate Robert Harrap said Focarelli was entitled to present his no-case submissions. Mr Harrap set the matter down for June 1.

Gym shooting may be bikie warning

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

GUNMEN fired up to a dozen shots into a family gym at Burleigh yesterday as gang-related violence continues to flare across the south-east corner. While gym owner John Wayne Parr has no known connections to outlaw motorcycle gangs, insiders said the shots could have been a warning to some of his clients. The damage was discovered just after 6am when staff members arrived to open the gym and found the front windows had been blasted with bullets. Police said up to a dozen shots were fired from at least two weapons. Shotgun blasts caused the major damage, leaving fist-sized holes in the entrance and a second, smaller calibre gun, peppered the windows with smaller holes. Spent cartridges were found scattered in the car park and will be tested by forensic officers. The car park was closed for several hours yesterday as police examined evidence at the scene. Neighbouring business operators were stunned by the damage and said they could not speak highly enough about owner Mr Parr. "He has nothing to do with bikies," said one angry operator. "Nothing. He runs a top operation and is a family friendly business." Another said the violence was a major concern. Related Coverage Let's talk, Wayne Parr tells shooters Your Say "Outlaw these thugs. Give more power and a dose more courage to the cops who seem to be nearly as intimidated by them as the general public. I'd bring in the army and flatten their clubhouses for openers. Seems the cops are not game to raid them these days. The politicians appear to be too chicken to bring in the law reforms to wipe them out once and for all, so now gun shots are becoming everyday on GC. Weak Campbell Newman." zero tolerance overdue "Imagine what people must think. What kind of message does this send? It's frightening." The sport of kickboxing has grown in popularity among outlaw gangs, with members regularly attending events and competitions. While police yesterday said there was no known connection to Mr Parr, detectives could not rule out links to his clients. "It is possible some people who train there might have been associated with outlaw gangs," police said. Mr Parr has a policy of banning patched members. It's the latest in a series of gym and tattoo shop shootings in southeast Queensland. Last month, a Mermaid Beach tattoo shop linked to the Bandidos bikie gang was also hit with a volley of gunshots. A week later, the tattoo shop's owner, Jacques Teamo, and a female shopper were shot at Robina Town Centre in a brazen daylight attack. Gang sources are frustrated by the violence, with every incident bringing the Newman Government a step closer to using powerful anti-bikie laws. Parr said he has no idea who has a grudge against him. "I've got no bikie affiliations ... this is a family gym," he said.

Dog 'The Bounty Hunter' Chapman's Show Canceled

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Dog "The Bounty Hunter" Chapman will have more time on his hands to catch criminals, because his show on A&E is being canceled ... TMZ has learned. Multiple sources connected with the show tell us ... Dog's people and A&E have been negotiating, but the network has now decided to pull the plug and not do season 9. One source connected with Dog tells us the cancellation is based on "creative differences."  But here's the reality ... saying "creative differences" is like breaking up with a girl and saying, "It's not you, it's me."

Teen attacked after knocking down motorcyclists

Monday, 21 May 2012

A teenage driver is banged up after police say he was attacked by a group of motorcyclists after he knocked down two motorcyclists on Highway 101 Sunday morning. California Highway Patrol Officer Art Montiel says the trouble began around 8 a.m. when a 19-year-old man behind the wheel of Toyota Prius was shooting video of the motorcyclists as they made their way north on the highway through Belmont. Montiel says as the teen was recording the video, he lost control of his car, knocking down two of the motorcyclists. After the accident, some of the motorcyclists attacked the teen, punching him in the head and threatening him with a knife. Montiel says when officers arrived there were about 20 motorcyclists at the scene, including at least two members of the Hells Angels. The teen was cited for distracted driving. He and the two motorcyclists were treated for minor injuries.

4 sought in Hells Angels marijuana roundup

Four people are still wanted by Horry County police in connection with an 18-month investigation that brought charges against members of local Hells Angels chapters for marijuana cultivation and distribution, Sgt. Robert Kegler said. Kegler said Horry County police have arrested 32 people – including 15 in one day on April 30 – as part of Operation Red Harvest, which centered on the motorcycle group and people affiliated with it. A grand jury handed down 226 sealed indictments April 23 for the suspects after an 18-month investigation, according to authorities. Charges ranged from marijuana distribution to assault.

Abbotsford Police bust full-patch member of Hells Angels with coke and cash

Friday, 18 May 2012

Abbotsford Police busted a full-patch member of the Hells Angels in Aldergrove on Wednesday morning with close to a kilogram of cocaine and $26,000 in cash. The APD's drug and gang enforcement units and the provincial outlaw motorcycle gang unit and integrated emergency response team raided a home in the 27000 block of 28 A Avenue in Aldergrove at 7 a.m., said Constable Ian MacDonald. The 50-year-old H.A. member was arrested and faces charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking. The name of the suspect cannot be released until charges are sworn, likely in a couple of weeks, said MacDonald. The 34 ounces of cocaine seized by police has a street value of approximately $45,000, he said, adding the department is pleased with the results of its investigation. "A total of $70,000 in cash and drugs is a fair chunk," said MacDonald. The bust was a result of the APD's mandate to focus on individuals who make the department's top gangster list, said MacDonald. "If people are involved in gangs or drugs and ply their trade in Abbotsford, they are high on our radar," he said. It isn't clear why a full patch member of the Hells Angels, who normally distance themselves from the street trade, would be personally handling cash and drugs, said MacDonald. "In general, perhaps there is the same flux and volatility [in the H.A.] that is going on amongst a lot of gangs right now, as shown by the recent increased violence," said MacDonald. "That volatility can lead to organized crime and gangs trying to consolidate and trying to earn as much as they can . . . trying to increase sales to generate more cash and get additional feet on the street."

California biker gets life term for murder of Hells Angels leader

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A member of the Mongols motorcycle gang was sentenced to life in federal prison without parole on Wednesday for the slaying four years ago of the San Francisco chapter president of the rival bikers group Hells Angels. Christopher Bryan Ablett, who went by the gang name "Stoney," was convicted earlier this year of murder and other offenses in the 2008 stabbing-shooting death of Mark "Papa" Guardado outside a bar in San Francisco's Mission District. According to trial testimony, a fight broke out between the two men when Guardado confronted Ablett for wearing his Mongols insignia in the Mission, a short distance from the Hells Angels' San Francisco headquarters. Ablett stabbed Guardado four times with a foot-long military knife and shot him twice with a .357-magnum revolver, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Francisco. Local media reports said Guardado was 46 when he died. Ablett claimed he acted in self-defense. But prosecutors contended that the rank-and-file member of the Mongols, who was visiting San Francisco from Modesto, killed Guardado to raise his status within his own gang. The Mongols and the better-known Hells Angels, both identified by federal authorities as outlaw motorcycle gangs, have been at odds for decades, often clashing violently. The FBI cited phone records during the trial showing that Ablett spent several hours after the slaying calling individuals identified as fellow Mongols. The jury ultimately found Ablett guilty of murder in aid of racketeering, assault with a deadly weapon in aid of racketeering, use of a firearm during a crime of violence, and use of a firearm causing murder. He was sentenced in federal court to two concurrent life sentences and a consecutive life sentence. Federal life terms do not allow for parole, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Bikies charged over NSW clubhouse

TWO alleged Rebels bikie gang members will face court on charges of illegally using an empty industrial unit as a clubhouse. Last week, police swooped on a unit in the Wollongong suburb of Unanderra as part of investigations into illegal use of the building. They allege the Waverly Drive unit was being used as a clubhouse for the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang in breach of development consent. Today police charged two Rebels bikies, aged 53 and 57, in relation to alleged breaches of planning laws. They are due to appear in Wollongong Local Court on July 10. Police have already charged a 24-year-old man, said to be a Rebels associate, with breaching the Environment Planning and Assessment Act in relation to the premises. He is due to face Wollongong Local Court on May 22. Bikies in NSW are being targeted under newly updated consorting laws as part of a strategy to wipe out gang-related crime, following a recent spate of shootings across southwest Sydney.

Police uncover Hells Angels link to corporate giant Visy

Sunday, 13 May 2012

THE multi-billion dollar Visy packaging company is allegedly using the Hells Angels to collect bad debts and act as "problem solvers". Senior police sources told the Herald Sun police intelligence files have recorded links between Visy and the notorious bikie gang, and detectives are monitoring the connection.

‘Blatant and serious’ cop misconduct tanks drug case

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Manitoba judge has blasted the actions of two Winnipeg cops, saying they illegally walked into and searched a reputed Hells Angels associate's business and flagrantly breached his rights by handcuffing and searching him without cause. The drug-trafficking case against Alejandro Chung, 45, collapsed Friday after Court of Queen's Bench Justice Doug Abra refused to allow into evidence the cocaine and marijuana cops found during their search of La Mota on Portage Avenue on Oct. 27, 2009. After Abra threw out the drug evidence, the Crown closed its case. This prompted defence lawyer Roberta Campbell to ask for and quickly receive acquittals on the drug charges Chung faced. In his 25-page written ruling, Abra said he was well aware the Crown would likely have no case if the drug evidence was lost. But the level of police misconduct was too great to allow the evidence in, he said. "If I permit the drugs, the paraphernalia and other seized items into evidence, I will be condoning willful and flagrant breaches of (Chung's) rights," Abra said, adding it would also bring the administration of justice into disrepute. Abra slammed Winnipeg police Consts. Brian Boyd and John Tokariwski for forcing Chung to the ground, handcuffing and searching him after "unlawfully" entering the Portage Avenue shop through its slightly ajar back door. Abra called the cops "trespassers" whose actions were "overzealous, highhanded and unjustified." Boyd previously testified he strongly suspected La Mota was being burglarized and felt duty-bound to follow up by going inside the business without a warrant. One of his main reasons for thinking so, he said, was because Chung's truck was parked and running outside the back of La Mota for more than 15 minutes. As well, a check on the vehicle's plate brought up a number of red flags relating to gang membership and violence. Moments after going inside, Chung was cuffed after being wrestled to the ground. Boyd said Chung refused to take his hand out of his pocket and presented an officer safety risk. He was then searched despite Chung angrily protesting he never invited police inside. The police actions "resulted in a serious deprivation of (Chung's) right to liberty and an egregious breach of (his) right to privacy," Abra said. "The police misconduct was blatant and serious. The two officers flagrantly disregarded (Chung's) rights." Boyd later searched the business and located drugs in the basement, leading to Chung's arrest. Boyd testified he was sweeping the business for other potential B and E suspects. It wasn't until hours later police were granted a warrant and went back to seize the drugs. Boyd took no efforts to confirm Chung's claims he was the owner of the business prior to searching it, the judge said. "I can only conclude from this that Constable Boyd did not want confirmation," Abra said. Federal Crown attorney Mark Lafreniere said he respected Abra's ruling. "The Crown felt we had a case to present to the court and we did so," he said in an e-mail, adding the decision will be reviewed by senior lawyers. "The decision was appropriate in the circumstances," Campbell said after court.

Hells Angel gangster booted from the White Rock chapter

Friday, 11 May 2012

Full-patch Hells Angel Mike Robatzek, 41, has been kicked out of the biker gang’s White Rock chapter, The Vancouver Sun has learned. His unceremonious removal from the notorious motorcycle club came just four months after a young Abbotsford man was killed in a house owned by Robatzek’s company, Ram Properties Inc. Ryan Saint-Ange, 21, was fatally shot Jan. 14 while alone in the house, at 27790 56 Ave. Two young men known to Saint-Ange have now been charged with killing him. Robatzek didn’t live in the home, but had young people staying there who were renovating it for resale. Court records indicate Robatzek had fallen on financial hard times, with several suits alleging he had reneged on loans or left debts unpaid. Robatzek had been in the Hells Angels for about 12 years. He was sergeant-at-arms of the White Rock chapter and was previously a member of the Vancouver chapter. Reached on his cellphone Thursday, Robatzek hung up when asked about his departure from the Hells Angels. Several police contacts told The Sun that he was kicked out in late April. And Robatzek confirmed it to a friend on Facebook. “oh shitty bro ya it is true I am out tof the club,” he said on April 29. His friend pledged his ongoing support in response: “I liked chilling with ya and helpn ya cause Ur a good guy not cause u had a patch.” Port Moody police Insp. Andy Richards, a bike gang expert, said Robatzek’s removal will change the Lower Mainland gang landscape. His former White Rock chapter has been linked to ongoing gang tensions in the aftermath of last August’s Kelowna shooting, which saw Red Scorpion Jon Bacon killed and White Rock Hells Angel Larry Amero seriously wounded. As sergeant-at-arms, Robatzek “would have figured prominently in whatever response or reactions they may have had to Amero’s shooting,” Richards said. “While I can’t say definitively how his expulsion may impact the ongoing tensions, I can say that it has probably changed the landscape. We’ll have to wait and see exactly how.” Richards also explained that in order for a full-patch Hells Angel to be forced out of the club, “chapter members unanimously believe that they can no longer be trusted or relied upon.” He pointed to the case of Juel Stanton, a Vancouver resident expelled from the Angels in 2010. He was later gunned down outside his house near Vancouver city hall. “We’ve seen Juel Stanton kicked out because he was seen as a loose cannon and a liability,” Richards said. “The circumstances have to be pretty egregious to be kicked out, but the threshold for expulsion is not well-defined. It really depends on the circumstances and different rules seem to apply to different members.” He said some influential B.C. Hells Angels such as Lloyd Robinson have been allowed to “retire,” even though Robinson was held partly responsible for bringing a police agent around the East End chapter. The efforts of the agent, Michael Plante, “led to significant law enforcement consequences and embarrassment for that chapter,” Richards said. “In my opinion, because of his position and longevity, Robinson was directed to retire gracefully in good standing while other members would have likely been expelled,” he said. Richard said that when members are kicked out of the HA, they must give up their vests and any possession with the club insignia, as well as remove or cover up their Hells Angels tattoos. Robatzek showed off his tattoos at the Hells Angels anniversary party in Langley in 2008, wearing just a pair of shorts during a heated argument with police over his monster truck. His entire back and chest were covered with Hells Angels tattoos. Life can be rough after the Hells Angels, Richard said. “Members of the HA that have been kicked out typically don’t have a lot of enviable options — they now have to deal with the enmity of the club and any enemies outside the club they’ve made along the way; all this without the protection and reputation that comes from being a member,” he said.

'High-ranking bikies' charged with consorting

Two alleged high-ranking members of the Nomads bikie gang will face court next month charged under new state laws which prevent people who have been convicted of a criminal offence from meeting. The new legislation, which makes it an offence to habitually consort with people who have been convicted of an indictable offence, was passed in State Parliament in April in an effort to combat bikie gang-related crime. Police say they warned a number of high-ranking Nomads bikies for consorting in Sydney's west last month. Further warnings were also made last week at a cafe in the CBD. On Wednesday, police went to a house in Pemulwuy and arrested two men who were previously told not to meet with each other. The men, aged 30 and 31, are due to face Downing Centre Local Court in June.

Rimutaka Prison Guard Helped Methamphetamine Ring

methamphetamine dealing ring used an unidentified prison officer at Rimutaka Prison to deliver drugs to inmates, according to phone conversations taped by police. The ring of six people pleaded guilty to multiple charges and was sentenced by Justice Ron Young in the Napier High Court yesterday. Auckland Hell's Angels member Kishor Singh was sentenced to eight years and eleven months prison. William Paul was sentenced to eight years and four months, Manu Ngaronoa, known as the ''Queen of Crack'' was sentenced to seven years and two months, Michael Barber was sentenced to five years and seven months, Robert Rewita was sentenced to five years and Tracey Benson was sentenced to two years and one month. According to the Crown's summary of facts Benson, 43, was recorded in a telephone conversation in November 2010 telling Ngaronoa that she was going to Wellington to deliver ''Christmas presents'' (meaning cannabis, cannabis oil and methamphetamine) to her partner Lance Ratima, an inmate at Rimutaka. The summary said: ''She explained that she was able to deliver the drugs into the prison because she had a ''good screw'' (meaning prison officer) whom she had to pay $500. She said that the drugs and payment to the prison officer cost her about $2500''. Benson called Ratima the next day to say she would be delivering the ''clothes'' the following day. On the morning of November 21 the pair discussed collecting a delivery for another inmate and going ''halves in the paper'' (meaning the payment for the prison officer). They spoke later in the day to confirm someone else had ''given her a hand with the paperwork'' (meaning the payment to the prison officer) and discussed the clothes being really smelly and needing to be hung outside (meaning smoked outside). On November 25, Ratima told Benson he had received a delivery of ''two green tops'' (meaning two ounces of cannabis), the ''hats'', meaning caps of cannabis oil) and the ''white one'' (meaning methamphetamine) and that ''the old man got all [his] paperwork'' (meaning the prison officer received his payment). Corrections general manager prison services Jeanette Burns said the department was aware police may have been investigating the matter. ''We worked closely with them on this aspect of their case. However, no Corrections staff member has been identified or charged in relation to the case. The Department does not tolerate corrupt or illegal behaviour and demands a high standard from all of its employees. We expect all staff to role model positive, law-abiding behaviour,'' Burns said. Ad Feedback The ring was investigated by Napier police between July and December 2010 with search warrants on cell phones and landlines. Audio devices were also set up at the address of Ngaronoa, 49, known as ''the Queen of Crack''. The summary stated that Singh, 41, a patched Hell's Angels member since 2008, would source methamphetamine and cannabis from Hell's Angels contacts in Auckland for distribution to Hawke's Bay. He would deliver regular quantities of methamphetamine to Paul, 42, who would then supply it to his sister Ngaronoa. Ngaronoa and her partner Rewita, 41, then supplied to other dealers including Barber, 31, for onsale. Ngaronoa was the principal distributor of the methamphetamine and was responsible for maintaining the records, collecting debts and storing cash. In a phone conversation on November 28 Paul told Ngaronoa and Rewita that ''we made more than $800,000 this year''. The comment was made in response to a newspaper article reporting an unrelated $800,000 operation.

Dutch police target Hells Angels

The police had a man pretend to be interested in buying weapons from a member of the Hells Angels. He was allegedly sold a total of seven firearms and ammunition. The 52-year-old Hells Angels member was arrested in the town of Amersfoort in January and is also suspected of illegally growing and selling marijuana. This police investigation also led to the arrests of nearly 30 suspects. The majority of them have already been released, though several of the subsequent house searches led to the discovery of weapons. Prosecutors believe they will wrap up the investigation in early July and then decide how many of the people arrested will actually face charges.

Sinners group operate in northern Utah and are active in other cities throughout Wyoming.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

outlaw motorcycle clubs have become more common throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. A report published by the Rocky Mountain Information Network in 2010 suggests a number of outlaw motorcycle gangs operate in Wyoming – including the Bandidos, Los Lobos, Hells Angels and the Destroyers. Dwane Pacheco, service commander for the RSPD said groups would typically pass through the city before and after the Sturgis motorcycle rally in Sturgis, S.D. More recently however, the department has noticed members lingering in the city for longer periods. Pacheco said the group has a clubhouse on K Street. The building, with blacked out windows, is across from the Rock Bottom Bar and is visible from the nearby Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church. Outlaw motorcycle groups are frequently referred to as “1 percent” groups, because they’re the 1 percent of clubs involved in illegal activities. Lowell said members often wear a 1-percent patch denoting this, as well as patches identifying their group and their support for their parent organization. Pacheco said the group isn’t “raping and pillaging” within the city, however they do pose a threat to county residents. One RSPD officer has already been injured while dealing with the group. According to a media release from the department, officers were patrolling near N Street April 22 and noticed a group of people gathering nearby at about 2 a.m. The officers watched the group move to Channel Street, where a fight broke out amongst the group. When the officers moved to break up the fight they found a man with a stab wound in his neck. Hector Valenzuela-Solorzano, 35, was arrested for aggravated assault and interference with an officer during the incident. Valenzuela-Solorzano was allegedly involved with the stabbing and while being arrested, is alleged to have stuck the arresting officer in the face; then stabbed the officer in the arm. Neither the victim nor the officer required medical attention for their injuries and the weapon, a small pocket knife, was recovered. If convicted, Valenzuela-Solorzano could face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for each charge. Pacheco said the group the release refers to included members of the Silent Sinners. The Green River Police Department is also aware of the group. Grreen River Police Chief Chris Steffen said the city hasn’t had a problem with the group, but has assisted with the Rock Springs Police Department in actions they’ve taken. Despite the city not experiencing problems, Steffen says he doesn’t want them to gain a foothold in Green River. “They will receive our undivided attention,” Steffen said. Both Steffen and Lowell want to reassure residents that owning a motorcycle isn’t a crime and recognize local clubs as true enthusiast-based clubs. Some of those clubs also perform volunteer services. Steffen also said wearing leather isn’t against the law because it functions as important safety equipment. Both Steffen and Pacheco said riding a motorcycle in a safe and legal manner won’t draw either department’s attention to the rider, but Steffen also admits the gang operating in Rock Springs isn’t simply a group of motorcyclist who enjoy a ride. “These aren’t your average guys owning motorcycles,” he concluded.

A MAN had his teeth knocked out and a baseball bat was snapped in two in a suspected bikie bashing on the Gold Coast today.

Two men were brutally bashed at a house at on TE Peters Dve at Broadbeach Waters about 1.30pm. One man was found at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre and another in nearby Chant St, covered in blood. A woman who was at the scene of last week's drive-by shooting at the Bandido-owned East Coast Ink Tattoo parlour at Mermaid Beach turned up at the TE Peters Dve residence and spoke to police. The tattoo shop is owned by senior Bandidos bikie Jacques Teamo, who was shot in the arm at Robina Town Centre last weekend - allegedly by a Finks bikie gang member. Gold Coast police inspector Roger Wilson said investigations were in the early stages but bikie links had not been ruled out. "Police are currently speaking with two males at the hospital to establish what has occurred he today," he said. "Police will obviously investigate any links to organised crime our outlaw motorcycle gangs but at this stage it's too early in the investigation to determine."

Alleged shooter to be extradited to Qld

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Victorian man accused of shooting two people at a crowded Gold Coast shopping centre will be extradited to Queensland on Wednesday. Mark James Graham, 26, is considered a high-risk prisoner and will be flown to Queensland on a police plane under guard. He was arrested on Monday in Melton, in outer Melbourne, over the shooting at Robina shopping centre on Saturday. A 42-year-old man linked to a bikie gang was shot in the arm. The second victim, a 53-year-old woman, was a bystander shot in the pelvis when she was caught in the crossfire. Both are recovering in hospital. Queensland detectives went to Melbourne on Tuesday seeking Graham's extradition to the Gold Coast, where he could be charged with attempted murder, unlawful wounding and acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm. Police said he was expected to arrive back in Queensland on Wednesday afternoon and would face court on Thursday.

Shooting victim's car set on fire at Prospect

A CAR belonging to the victim of a bikie shooting last week has been set on fire in the driveway of a Prospect house. The unnamed man, 27, his partner and two children - aged between 2 and 4 - had to duck for cover when an unknown gunman fired eight shots at the family from a nearby vacant block as they arrived home about 1am on  April 23. Police say the children have since left the property but the gunman is still at large.They said they were unsure whether the man was still a member of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club. Yesterday at about 3am, an arsonist set fire to wood and cardboard under his Toyota Kluger, which was parked in the driveway of the Gloucester St, Prospect home. Crime Gangs Task Force Detective Chief Inspector John De Candia said there were only two known Comanchero members in South Australia after 18 recent defections, but said it was not clear if the man was one of them.

Sam Ibrahim headed to jail

Former Sydney bikie boss Sam Ibrahim has been sent back to jail for allegedly breaching his parole. The 46-year-old was arrested yesterday at his home in Sydney's north-west at Bella Vista by a police strike force targeting the city's bikie gun war. The New South Wales Parole Authority revoked parole for the former Nomads boss after receiving a report from parole officers alleging he had been taking prohibited drugs and failing to obey directions. The arrest followed a police raid of his house last Friday, which was part of an operation targeting 18 homes and businesses linked to feuding Hells Angels and Nomads bikies. The house had been sprayed with bullets only a week earlier, in one of nine tit-for-tat shootings between the gangs in just over a week. Ibrahim is being held at Silverwater jail, ahead of a public hearing by the NSW Parole Board later this month. The board will decide whether to keep the former Nomads boss in prison until his sentence expires on October 7, or whether to extend his jail time. Ibrahim spent five months in jail as part of the 15-month sentence over the violent kidnapping of a 15-year-old boy in 2009. His arrest was part of a crackdown by the Gangs Squad's Strike Force Kinnara, which was set up to combat an escalation in bikie gun crime. The strike force also arrested convicted Sydney drug boss Bill Bayeh a fortnight ago for an alleged breach of parole.

Big court security as Finks bikie flown in

A MASSIVE police presence is expected at a Gold Coast courthouse this morning when a bikie appears over last weekend's shopping centre shooting. Melbourne-based Finks bikie gang member Mark James Graham, 26, was flown to Queensland yesterday on the police jet amid heavy security. He will face Southport Magistrates Court this morning on multiple serious charges following the weekend double shooting at Robina Town Centre. Senior Bandidos bikie gang member Jacques Teamo was shot, along with a woman shopper. There are fears of more tit-for-tat reprisals in the escalating Gold Coast bikie war and police are taking no chances. Police commandos from the Special Emergency Response Team are expected to be at the courthouse in case Bandidos and Finks bikies turn up to support their fellow gang members. Graham was arrested by heavily-armed police on the outskirts of Melbourne on Monday night. Police say it was considered too risky to fly Graham to Queensland on a commercial flight and opted instead to extradite the "high-risk" prisoner on a Queensland Police Service jet because of public safety fears. He was escorted on the flight by Special Emergency Response Team officers and detectives from anti-bikie squad Taskforce Hydra. Police said they had wanted to avoid a repeat of a bikie brawl at Sydney Airport in 2009 when a senior Hells Angel gang member was bashed to death by a rival Comanchero leader.

Two in court over drive-by shootings

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

An alleged bikie associate charged over Sydney's latest shooting was filmed sliding across the bonnet of a police car during a chase, according to court documents. Two suspected Hells Angels bikie gang associates faced charges on Tuesday in relation to the shooting attack at a unit block in Oxford Street, Merrylands. Fardin Hashemi, 22, appeared in Parramatta Local Court while Mohammad Niazy, 20, appeared in Fairfield Local Court over shots fired at the block just after midnight (AEST) on Monday. Both men are accused of being associates of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle club, which police say has been waging a tit-for-tat war with the rival Nomads gang since earlier this month. Court documents allege Hashemi, Niazy and two other men went in a car to the Merrylands unit block, where one of them got out and fired 13 shots from the front lawn into two of the units. Police believe they had targeted a unit where a Nomads associate had previously lived. The current residents, a couple, took 'evasive action by diving on the floor and crawling into a hallway to take shelter behind a double-brick wall, fearing for their lives', the court documents state. A woman in the unit directly above scrambled over her lounge and onto the floor. Police who were in a nearby street caught up with a Holden Commodore and gave chase. A short time later, the vehicle slowed down, two men got out, and it sped away. Minutes later, the vehicle collided with the police car in a cul-de-sac. Two other men then fled the car. Court documents say a police video recorded Niazy sliding across the bonnet of the police car before he and the other man escaped. Police say Niazy and Hashemi's fingerprints were taken from the Commodore, resulting in their arrests. A search of Hashemi's Ryde residence located a small amount of the drug ecstasy, while a 9mm bullet on the floor of his car matched the type of bullets found in the Commodore and casings found at the scene of the shooting. Both men were refused bail on Tuesday. Hashemi's lawyer Sayar Dehsabzi told the court the evidence against his client was weak. Hashemi works as a security guard and has no prior convictions. His lawyer said he was not aware of an association with the Hells Angels. Both men will appear in Parramatta Local Court on May 1.

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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