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Two in court over drive-by shootings

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

An alleged bikie associate charged over Sydney's latest shooting was filmed sliding across the bonnet of a police car during a chase, according to court documents. Two suspected Hells Angels bikie gang associates faced charges on Tuesday in relation to the shooting attack at a unit block in Oxford Street, Merrylands. Fardin Hashemi, 22, appeared in Parramatta Local Court while Mohammad Niazy, 20, appeared in Fairfield Local Court over shots fired at the block just after midnight (AEST) on Monday. Both men are accused of being associates of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle club, which police say has been waging a tit-for-tat war with the rival Nomads gang since earlier this month. Court documents allege Hashemi, Niazy and two other men went in a car to the Merrylands unit block, where one of them got out and fired 13 shots from the front lawn into two of the units. Police believe they had targeted a unit where a Nomads associate had previously lived. The current residents, a couple, took 'evasive action by diving on the floor and crawling into a hallway to take shelter behind a double-brick wall, fearing for their lives', the court documents state. A woman in the unit directly above scrambled over her lounge and onto the floor. Police who were in a nearby street caught up with a Holden Commodore and gave chase. A short time later, the vehicle slowed down, two men got out, and it sped away. Minutes later, the vehicle collided with the police car in a cul-de-sac. Two other men then fled the car. Court documents say a police video recorded Niazy sliding across the bonnet of the police car before he and the other man escaped. Police say Niazy and Hashemi's fingerprints were taken from the Commodore, resulting in their arrests. A search of Hashemi's Ryde residence located a small amount of the drug ecstasy, while a 9mm bullet on the floor of his car matched the type of bullets found in the Commodore and casings found at the scene of the shooting. Both men were refused bail on Tuesday. Hashemi's lawyer Sayar Dehsabzi told the court the evidence against his client was weak. Hashemi works as a security guard and has no prior convictions. His lawyer said he was not aware of an association with the Hells Angels. Both men will appear in Parramatta Local Court on May 1.


A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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