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Sinners group operate in northern Utah and are active in other cities throughout Wyoming.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

outlaw motorcycle clubs have become more common throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. A report published by the Rocky Mountain Information Network in 2010 suggests a number of outlaw motorcycle gangs operate in Wyoming – including the Bandidos, Los Lobos, Hells Angels and the Destroyers. Dwane Pacheco, service commander for the RSPD said groups would typically pass through the city before and after the Sturgis motorcycle rally in Sturgis, S.D. More recently however, the department has noticed members lingering in the city for longer periods. Pacheco said the group has a clubhouse on K Street. The building, with blacked out windows, is across from the Rock Bottom Bar and is visible from the nearby Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church. Outlaw motorcycle groups are frequently referred to as “1 percent” groups, because they’re the 1 percent of clubs involved in illegal activities. Lowell said members often wear a 1-percent patch denoting this, as well as patches identifying their group and their support for their parent organization. Pacheco said the group isn’t “raping and pillaging” within the city, however they do pose a threat to county residents. One RSPD officer has already been injured while dealing with the group. According to a media release from the department, officers were patrolling near N Street April 22 and noticed a group of people gathering nearby at about 2 a.m. The officers watched the group move to Channel Street, where a fight broke out amongst the group. When the officers moved to break up the fight they found a man with a stab wound in his neck. Hector Valenzuela-Solorzano, 35, was arrested for aggravated assault and interference with an officer during the incident. Valenzuela-Solorzano was allegedly involved with the stabbing and while being arrested, is alleged to have stuck the arresting officer in the face; then stabbed the officer in the arm. Neither the victim nor the officer required medical attention for their injuries and the weapon, a small pocket knife, was recovered. If convicted, Valenzuela-Solorzano could face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for each charge. Pacheco said the group the release refers to included members of the Silent Sinners. The Green River Police Department is also aware of the group. Grreen River Police Chief Chris Steffen said the city hasn’t had a problem with the group, but has assisted with the Rock Springs Police Department in actions they’ve taken. Despite the city not experiencing problems, Steffen says he doesn’t want them to gain a foothold in Green River. “They will receive our undivided attention,” Steffen said. Both Steffen and Lowell want to reassure residents that owning a motorcycle isn’t a crime and recognize local clubs as true enthusiast-based clubs. Some of those clubs also perform volunteer services. Steffen also said wearing leather isn’t against the law because it functions as important safety equipment. Both Steffen and Pacheco said riding a motorcycle in a safe and legal manner won’t draw either department’s attention to the rider, but Steffen also admits the gang operating in Rock Springs isn’t simply a group of motorcyclist who enjoy a ride. “These aren’t your average guys owning motorcycles,” he concluded.


A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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