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Gym shooting may be bikie warning

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

GUNMEN fired up to a dozen shots into a family gym at Burleigh yesterday as gang-related violence continues to flare across the south-east corner. While gym owner John Wayne Parr has no known connections to outlaw motorcycle gangs, insiders said the shots could have been a warning to some of his clients. The damage was discovered just after 6am when staff members arrived to open the gym and found the front windows had been blasted with bullets. Police said up to a dozen shots were fired from at least two weapons. Shotgun blasts caused the major damage, leaving fist-sized holes in the entrance and a second, smaller calibre gun, peppered the windows with smaller holes. Spent cartridges were found scattered in the car park and will be tested by forensic officers. The car park was closed for several hours yesterday as police examined evidence at the scene. Neighbouring business operators were stunned by the damage and said they could not speak highly enough about owner Mr Parr. "He has nothing to do with bikies," said one angry operator. "Nothing. He runs a top operation and is a family friendly business." Another said the violence was a major concern. Related Coverage Let's talk, Wayne Parr tells shooters Your Say "Outlaw these thugs. Give more power and a dose more courage to the cops who seem to be nearly as intimidated by them as the general public. I'd bring in the army and flatten their clubhouses for openers. Seems the cops are not game to raid them these days. The politicians appear to be too chicken to bring in the law reforms to wipe them out once and for all, so now gun shots are becoming everyday on GC. Weak Campbell Newman." zero tolerance overdue "Imagine what people must think. What kind of message does this send? It's frightening." The sport of kickboxing has grown in popularity among outlaw gangs, with members regularly attending events and competitions. While police yesterday said there was no known connection to Mr Parr, detectives could not rule out links to his clients. "It is possible some people who train there might have been associated with outlaw gangs," police said. Mr Parr has a policy of banning patched members. It's the latest in a series of gym and tattoo shop shootings in southeast Queensland. Last month, a Mermaid Beach tattoo shop linked to the Bandidos bikie gang was also hit with a volley of gunshots. A week later, the tattoo shop's owner, Jacques Teamo, and a female shopper were shot at Robina Town Centre in a brazen daylight attack. Gang sources are frustrated by the violence, with every incident bringing the Newman Government a step closer to using powerful anti-bikie laws. Parr said he has no idea who has a grudge against him. "I've got no bikie affiliations ... this is a family gym," he said.


A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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