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New outbreak of bikie gang violence

Monday, 30 January 2012


South Australian Police are this morning investigating another bikie-related shooting that's left the son of one gang leader dead. Comancheros boss, Vince Focarelli was wounded several times but survived. His son however died from his wounds. Gang shootings have plagued police in more than one state in recent weeks. So is the long running crackdown on bikie gang violence actually working? Hayden Cooper reports. HAYDEN COOPER: When a police patrol car was flagged down in Adelaide's north late last night, the latest bloody chapter in a bikie gang war was unfolding. Vince Focarelli, a notorious gang leader, had stumbled out of the car with several gunshot wounds to his body. His son, 22 year old Giovanni Focarelli was in the back seat - dead. GRANT MOYLE: He is deceased and his father, Vince Focarelli has suffered a number of gunshot wounds. He has been taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. This crime has been declared a major crime and it is being investigated by the major crime investigation branch with the assistance of a number of other crime branch areas as well. HAYDEN COOPER: Detective superintendent Grant Moyle wasn't surprised by the attempt on the Focarelli's life. GRANT MOYLE: You would all be aware that he has been the target of a number of attacks in the past so I would suggest it was a very planned, targeted attempt on his life. HAYDEN COOPER: Vince Focarelli is one of the most well known bikie gang leaders in South Australia as the head of the Comanchero's club. He's not shy of public attention. (Music) Only last month in a bizarre YouTube video he was seen dancing to music promoting the bikie lifestyle to would be members. This is the fourth attempt on his life - after a long history of conflict with rival clubs and even enemies within his own. As police in several states struggle to control bikie gang violence, this episode is a setback to the law enforcement efforts. Detective superintendent Moyle says the job is made even harder because in this case, Focarelli won't cooperate. GRANT MOYLE: Detectives have spoken to Mr Focarelli at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He has declined to provide us any information that might assist us in identifying the offender. That is a difficulty we face in these particular cases. The people that do know information are often reluctant to come forward or assist the investigation.


A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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