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Giovanni Focarelli's lawyer Steve Georgiadis has told Channel Ten news that police are more likely to receive the family's co-operation in investigating the shooting if they showed more compassion.

Monday, 30 January 2012


 "If officers show a lot more empathy, this is a grieving family, and if they show that they have some compassion towards that it certainly will go a long way in bringing the parties closer and possibly cooperating," he said. "Like any family that has lost a loved one (Giovanni's family are) completely distraught. The life of young man has been taken away." BIKIE LAWS Do police need tougher bikie laws? Yes No VOTE NOW BIKIE WARS Are you worried about being caught in the crossfire? Yes No VOTE NOW I'm like a rock star, says bikie T is for trouble with the law The man the bikies just can't kill Bikie shot dead, father wounded in SA The Focarelli shooting Mr Georgiadis told Channel Ten that Giovanni was a "a respectful, kind, caring and compassionate soul. "He was an absolutely beautiful person and unfairly tarnished by the bikie reference," he said of Giovanni's connection to the Comanchero Motorcycle Club. Mr Georgiadis had been acting for Giovanni in an alleged assault case. But lawyer Stacey Carter has contacted Adelaidenow and said she represented the Focarelli family and Mr Georgiadis's comments were not authorised by Vince Focarelli. ''Mr Focarelli is currently mourning the death of his son, and if he is capable, he will make his own personal statement in due course,'' she said. 3.15PM UPDATE STREET gang supporters of slain New Boys gang member Giovanni Focarelli have indicated they want to take revenge against his killers, posting a message on a Facebook site that "no stone will go left unturned". The New BoyZ Support Crew Facebook site is one that Giovanni often contributed to and friends of the 22-year-old - who was ambushed with his father Vince Focarelli in a suburban Dry Creek street about 9.45pm last night - have started to pay tribute to the shooting victim. The full message, posted about 2pm, reads: "Why do bad things happen to good people? No stone will go left unturned. RIP Giovanni". The first tribute messages to the son of the former head of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club Adelaide chapter were posted on the site early yesterday morning. 3PM UPDATE POLICE Commissioner Mal Hyde has called for new legislation and harsher court sentences to halt the rise in bikie violence. Mr Hyde said the culture of violence and code of silence within bikie groups had made current legislation difficult to enforce. "We are looking for new legislation to help us in the future," he said. "We need legislation that can help us put them (bikies) before the courts and we need courts that can help us put them away. "The reality is violence, a wall of silence and intimidation is all part of a bikie's persona ... it creates a great barrier (for police). "When you have these offences happening in a way where you intimidate witnesses, it makes it much more difficult to legislate." Mr Hyde said police needed more help from the courts to lock bikies away once they had been arrested. "The courts are very patchy in terms of the significance of the sentences for firearms offences," he said. "The use of firearms is a key part of the culture and personality of bikie groups. That's part of what we need to deal with. "Every now and then you will see a reasonable sentence but more often you will see suspended sentences and good behaviour bonds. That doesn't take us very far at all to protecting the community." Mr Hyde said police were particularly concerned with two streams of violence engulfing bikie groups in South Australia - the feud between Vince Focarelli and the Comancheros, and the feud between the Finks and Hells Angels following the shooting of Finks member Mark Sandery's 11-year-old son. Mr Hyde said police were "keeping an open mind" on the motive for last night's shooting. "At this stage we are exploring all motives, including whether or not it's ongoing tension within the Comancheros, whether it involves another bikie group (or something else)," he said. "The circuit breaker (to end the violence) would be to apprehend those involved and put them before the courts."


A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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