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Finnish members of motorcycle gangs are believed to be involved in drug crime in Estonia

Friday, 27 May 2011

Finnish members of motorcycle gangs are believed to be involved in drug crime in Estonia. Police in Tallinn say that they have found evidence of drugs and linkages to organised crime in motorcycle gang clubhouses in the city.
      Tallinn police commander Elmar Vaher would not directly comment on the nationality of the suspects. However, he says that the local police have worked closely with Finnish police on the matter.
      Vaher was in Helsinki on Thursday taking part in a conference of police chiefs of European capital cities. One of the topics of the conference was a call for closer cooperation among European police organisations.
Vaher said that two or three motorcycle gangs are operating in Estonia, and that officials are monitoring their activities closely.
      The Finnish Bandidos MC gang has allegedly extended its operations to Estonia, organising contacts with the Tallinn-based mercenaries MC.
      Vaher is not saying how many motorcycle gang members are under investigation, or the number of cases. He says that there is evidence of their involvement in drug crime and other aspects of organised crime.
Cooperation between Finnish and Estonian police was described as positive.
      “Our cooperation with the Finns works as well as that between the police in Tallinn and Pärnu, for instance”, he explains.
      There are several liaisons that help in the passage of information between the Tallinn and Helsinki police on the movements of suspects, for instance.
“It is important for us to get information on the way that local criminal groups operate.”
      “In this way we can interrogate more efficiently, and to evaluate when someone is trying to deceive us”, Vaher says.

Surete du Quebec is rounding up Hells Angels in the Beauce in an anti-drug trafficking operation.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

142 officers raided more than a dozen homes Wednesday morning as they looked for the chief of operations for the motorcycle gang and his second-in-command, who are believed to be in Lotbiniere.

Police are also targeting members in Thetford Mines and Becancour.

Two Montreal met were arrested last week and charged with cocaine possession with intent to traffic.

The 34 people arrested Wednesday are expected to appear in court via videoconference.

questioned Hells Angels bikers in their probe of the murder of three men close to a rival gang,

Belgian police have questioned Hells Angels bikers in their probe of the murder of three men close to a rival gang, a Belgian newspaper reported Tuesday.
Fabrizio Muto, the chief of the Hells Angels chapter in the northeastern town of Zwartberg, near the Dutch border, was among several people questioned in the case, said the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.
Muto is the financier behind a tyre business that was inaugurated on Friday night with a party attended by the three victims, the newspaper said.
Riddled with bullets, their bodies were found at the weekend inside a van dumped in a canal, it said. The victims are members and fans of the Outlaws, a rival biker gang with a base in Maasmechelen, on the Belgian-Dutch border.
Investigators believe the tyre business may serve as a front for drug trafficking, the daily said.

seized a firearm and suspended the licence of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang associate following an inspection at Brookvale last night.

Strike Force Raptor officers have seized a firearm and suspended the licence of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang associate following an inspection at Brookvale last night.

About 9pm yesterday (Wednesday 25 May, 2011), Strike Force Raptor officers conducted a safe storage inspection at a home on Pine Avenue at Brookvale.

During the warrant police located a .22 calibre rifle allegedly not secured safely, and seized a amount of ammunition.

A 48-year-old man, and alleged associated of the Finks Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, was spoken to by police.

His firearms licence suspended. He was also issued with a Field Court Attendance Notice to appear at Manly Local Court on 9 June, 2011 for not keep firearm safely.

Strike Force Raptor was established by the State Crime Command’s Gangs Squad in 2009 and is a proactive, high-impact operation targeting outlaw motorcycle gangs and their alleged associated criminal enterprises.

probationary member of the Outlaws motorcycle gang got time served and probation as one of three passengers in a December car crash in East City.

Wayne Neil Crowell, 36, of Cannington, pleaded guilty Wednesday in Ontario Court of Justice to possessing hashish and breaching his probation conditions after he and two men were inside a car that collided with a hydro pole in the area of Hunter and Burnham streets outside the Quaker Oats office building.

Police arrived at the collision just after 8 p.m. and found two men, including Crowell, lying beside the car, Crown attorney Laura Grant said.

Crowell was bleeding from the nose and mouth and would later spend weeks in hospital being treated for a broken hip and fractured ribs, court heard.

Footprints in the snow led police to the third man – Keith Harry Nolan of Richmond Hill – and a loaded restricted handgun buried in the snow under a tree.

Nolan pleaded guilty and was sentenced last week to four years in a federal prison after pleading guilty to five charges including possession of the gun and obstructing justice for trying to pass a note to a co-accused in jail offering to take the fall in exchange for cash for him and his family.

Upon his arrest, police found a small amount of hash on Crowell, who was sporting a "probationary member" Outlaws patch on his vest and a belt buckle reading: "support your local outlaws," court heard.

Crowell was bound by a probation order not to possess drugs at the time.

Mr. Justice Ray Taillon sentenced Crowell to 61 days of time served and placed him on probation for 18 months.

Co-accused Mark Andrew Cleary, 29, of Milroy Dr., will return to court June 7.

The president of the Downtown Toronto chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and four members have been acquitted on charges of belonging to a criminal organization.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The verdict this weekend came four years after mass arrests and the shutdown of the bikers' former bunkerlike clubhouse on Eastern Ave.

Chapter president John Neal, 61, vice-president Douglas Myles, 54, and members Mehrdad Bahman, 48, were all found guilty of charges relating to trafficking GHB, called the date rape drug.

Lorne Campbell, 62, was found guilty of one count of cocaine trafficking and Larry Pooler, 61, was found guilty of possession of a restricted firearm.

None of the bikers was found guilty of any charges relating to being members of an organized crime group.

Campbell was freed on bail on Saturday by Justice Maureen Forestell after the verdict was announced by the jury.

Pooler, who acted as his own lawyer, has been free on strict bail conditions while Myles, Bahman and Campbell remain in custody.

At the heart of the Crown's case was former club officer Dave (Shakey) Atwell, a paid police agent. Atwell was the chapter's “sergeant-at-arms,” meaning he was responsible for meting out discipline.

The trial lasted six months and deliberations took more than four days.

“We're extremely happy with the verdict,” said lawyer Craig Bottomley, who represented Neal. “We're satisfied with the result: that the Hells Angels are not a criminal organization as they exist in Canada.”

Bahman, known inside the club as “Juicy,” pleaded guilty to nine charges of trafficking drugs and possession of the proceeds of crime when the trial began in November.

However, the heavy-set biker, pleaded not guilty to possession of brass knuckles and to trafficking drugs and guns to benefit a criminal organization.

The jury heard that Atwell snorted cocaine with the bikers during the 18 months he secretly taped conversations with them between 2005 and 2007.

The jury also heard that Neal, a parrot-owning grandfather from Shanty Bay, didn't want members who attracted police attention, and once kicked someone out of the club for stealing $9 worth of luncheon meat.

The undercover operation — dubbed “Project Develop” — was suddenly halted when the outlaw bikers smelled a traitor in their midst and Atwell was grilled about his involvement in cocaine and GHB deals gone bad, the Crown told the court.

Court also heard police stirred up chaos in the biker ranks by secretly seizing a large stash of illegal drugs in the midst of Atwell's undercover operation, leaving Bahman with severe cash-flow troubles.

Court heard that the executive of the downtown Hells Angels jumped in to smooth things over with the Haney, B.C. chapter of the Hells Angels, when Bahman didn't pay back a $100,000 debt from a drug deal for GHB to B.C. Hells Angels and a street gang called “United Nations.”

Crown attorney Tanit Gilliam told court that Neal, Myles and Pooler stepped in the arrange payment of the drug debt.

“This was done in order to protect the reputation and good name of the Hells Angels,” Gilliam said.

Defence lawyers argued the Toronto Hells Angels weren't trying to traffic GHB, just protect Bahman from angry drug dealers from B.C.

“He's (Neal) not trying to assist . . . drug trafficking; he's trying to stop a murder — and that's a very different goal,” Bottomley told the jury in his closing address.

In his closing remarks to the jury, Bottomley also argued that “there's a very significant difference between a criminal organization and an organization that has some criminals in it.”

explosion in bikie groups, with 24 rival gangs owning 56 clubhouses and having more than 4000 members across the state.

Monday, 23 May 2011

VICTORIA Police has launched a dedicated taskforce to investigate outlaw bikie gangs in a radical change of policy.

The Sunday Herald Sun is today revealing there has been an explosion in bikie groups, with 24 rival gangs owning 56 clubhouses and having more than 4000 members across the state.

Echo Taskforce has been formed to target bikie crimes, disrupt criminal activity by the groups and stamp out intimidation of the public.

Authorities have linked bikies to nightclubs, prostitution and trucking as well as a litany of crimes including murder.

And Victoria Police has now pledged: "We are going to be policing them very hard . . . we are not going to take their lawlessness."

The taskforce will be spearheaded by detective Acting Insp Chris Murray - one of the senior investigators in Operation Pendennis, which foiled a terror attack by plotters in Melbourne.

The names of the gangs that have infiltrated Victoria and where each of the 56 chapters is based is listed today.

It shows bikies have spread their tentacles across the suburbs and regions.

But Victoria Police is determined bikies will not win the war and has launched the special bikie-busting strike force.

"Echo Taskforce was formed because Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMCG) are a top priority for Victoria Police," Acting Insp Murray said.

"It's a result of what we have seen interstate -- recent activity involving OMCG wars, feuds, homicides and the fact these groups have chapters, in most cases, in every state and overseas.

"We have refocused our efforts on OMCGs to make sure all things are looked at -- everything from major crimes to road policing issues.

"We are going to be policing them very hard.

"The days of blocking intersections, running of red lights . . . are over -- we are not going to take their lawlessness.

"We are going to be a lot more proactive."

Bikie gangs have pushed their way into nightclub ownership, club security, drug trafficking, strippers and prostitution.

"Some members are involved in criminal activity including serious assaults, murder, drug trafficking and organised criminal activity," Acting Insp Murray said.

"We are certainly looking at the licensing industry, brothel and transport industry, especially the interstate trucking companies -- who are behind them and what they are bringing down.

"They are certainly involved in drug activity. Nightclubs are a big concern -- ownership and security on the doors.

"There are a lot of illegal firearms out there, which OMCGs have traditionally been involved in. Blackmail, extortion and standover activity is also something we are looking very hard at."

Acting Insp Murray, who spent six years in the joint counter-terrorism team, said he hoped to build ties with OMCGs, so they could prevent crimes.

"We do not say every bikie is involved in crime," he said.

And he said the plan was already paying dividends.

"With the info we have been getting, we are painting a picture of what is happening here and overseas, who's doing what, who's trying to fill what space, what groups are taking over groups and what groups are working with who," he said.

"OMCGs want to fly under the radar. They don't want our attention.

"They are not going to advertise the fact members are involved in drug dealing, drug importation, serious assaults, murder, if they are silent partners in nightclubs, licensing venues, brothels - it's not something they want us to know.

"But it's our job to find out that information . . . and act on it."

Acting Insp Murray urged law-abiding bikies to anonymously report information to Crime Stoppers.

"Counter-terrorism has been my mainstay for the past six years or so and this job is very similar in lots of ways -- the groups are . . . very secretive," he said.

"Where we want to be is not waiting for things to occur, not waiting for feuds to begin, not waiting for gang warfare, not waiting for them to proliferate guns and weapons.

"Bikie gangs in Victoria need to know we are on the front foot and we are keeping an eye on them."

He said Echo Taskforce was previously an umbrella operation tackling gang crime.

"Its predecessor looked at gangs in general. Now it's been totally rebadged. We have kept the name, but it's now purely OMCG-focused."

When confronted by store security, the alleged Hells Angels member pulled out a knife and swung it wildly at the store employees, giving him time to get away in an awaiting car

Sunday, 22 May 2011

U.S. Marshals Service on Friday arrested a North Carolina man in connection with an incident last week at the Home Depot in West Ashley.

The Charleston Police Department has charged Lawrence Shrewsbury, 34, of Gastonia, N.C., with armed robbery, possession of a knife during a violent crime and assault.

According to the Marshals Service, the charges stem from an incident last week in which Shrewsbury attempted to leave the Home Depot with unpaid merchandise. When confronted by store security, the alleged Hells Angels member pulled out a knife and swung it wildly at the store employees, giving him time to get away in an awaiting car, according to a news release.

U.S. marshals and their law enforcement partners in Charlotte noticed Shrewsbury walking from a Waffle House and placed him into custody without incident, the release said.

Shrewsbury will be held at the Gaston County Jail in North Carolina, where he will await extradition to Charleston.

Nanaimo RCMP will target aggressive drivers this long weekend, a time that sees thousands of people hit the roads.

Police across the province have partnered with ICBC this month to highlight the dangers associated with speeding and aggressive driving.

This year, major speeders may lose their wheels for a week in addition to a hefty fine.

Last spring, 40 km/h or more over the limit meant a large fine.

Penalties upgraded last fall means this long weekend, drivers charged with excessive speeding will have their car towed and impounded for seven days, in addition to a fine of up to $483.

Sgt. John Blaase, head of the Nanaimo RCMP traffic unit, said officers already stepped up enforcement on Friday, seizing the motorcycle of one biker clocked at 150 km/hr on the Nanaimo Parkway.

Police will be conducting road checks, patrols and other traffic blitzes in Nanaimo throughout this weekend, typically one of the busiest times of the year on the road.

Last May long weekend in Nanaimo, 20 drivers were fined for excessive speed.

Nanaimo RCMP are also aware of a Hells Angels event scheduled in Campbell River this weekend.

Dozens of bikers from across B.C. are expected to gather there and at a dual event staged in Kelowna.

Support clubs are also expected to attend the rides.

Specific plans involving Nanaimo Hells Angels are unknown but outlaw motorcycle specialists are expected to monitor the events.

The San Diego chapter of the Hells Angels, headquartered in EL Cajon, is celebrating its 45th anniversary this weekend.

The San Diego chapter of the Hells Angels, headquartered in EL Cajon, is celebrating its 45th anniversary this weekend. The group will hold a “South Run” event centered in Alpine May 20-22.  Thousands of motorcyclists are expected to participate.


“With the expected increase in local vehicular traffic, specifically motorcycle activity, we want to remind our Alpine residents of some safety tips when sharing the roadway with motorcycles,” said Paula H .Dickenson, USN Retired, Crime Prevention Specialist with the San Diego Sheriff’s substation in Alpine.


“First, all motorists have an equal right to use the roadways. Second, both share the same responsibility to follow the rules of the road," she advised. "There also needs to be mutual respect among motorists, motorcyclists, truckers and bicyclists alike. Remember too, although you may legally have the right of way in a particular situation, don't demand it. Always drive safely and courteously."


May is motorcycle safety month. Dickenson advises motorists to give motorcyclists and bicyclists a full lane of travel. Look for them both on the roadway, at intersections, when making turns, and when changing lanes. “Allow plenty of distance between you and any vehicles you are following,” she adds. “Drive defensively!”

Biker specialists from the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit plan to monitor two separate Hells Angels events on Vancouver Island and in the Okanagan this long weekend.

Sgt. Shinder Kirk said both CFSEU's Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Enforcement and Intelligence Units will back up local RCMP detachments in Campbell River and Kelowna.

Large gatherings of both B.C. and out-of-province Hells Angels are expected in each community for annual rides and parties.

"In the past, there have been incidents of violence particularly within the group, generally fuelled by alcohol," Kirk said Friday. "There has been the odd incident involving people in the community, again fuelled by alcohol."

While police are not expecting trouble, Kirk said they wanted to assure community members they are aware of both events and will ensure public safety.

"In many other cases, we have been able to prevent incidents from occurring by being at the scene or by monitoring this group," Kirk said. "It is not unprecedented to put out a public advisory."

Kirk said that having CFSEU's specialized units "working to pre-empt any potential for conflict is a key component of our strategy, one that goes a long way to ensuring the safety of British Columbians."

Hells Angels and Support Clubs holiday in Campbell River BC

"Sure, some members of the club break the law, and so do some members of law enforcement, and of both no more than as other individual may. The idea is not to paint them all with the same brush. As a retired RCMP officer I appreciate that consideration, and hope that the majority of people do not see us as 'Tasering Murderers'. 

Many club members are family men: husbands, fathers, and some of us are grandfathers. They work regular boring jobs, pay their taxes on time, belong to political parties, some are teachers, business owners, police officers, judges, journalists, and what they have in common, is the love of motorcycles, life, freedoms, and loylty for the club and each other.

As each event comes and goes without incident, local law enforcement should start to relax, as communities see the economic potential to hosting bikers. I dare say, maybe a forward-thinking community should try organizing an annual rally. Residents need not worry, as the "Bad Boys" labelled by police as "Outlaws" only bring money, not mayhem."

ROCK Machine bikie charged over the attempted murder of Rebels bikie president Nick Martin has allegedly been stabbed in the neck with a broom in prison

ROCK Machine bikie charged over the attempted murder of Rebels bikie president Nick Martin has allegedly been stabbed in the neck with a broom in prison.

The 30-year-old man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was seriously injured during a brawl at Casuarina Prison yesterday, Perth Now reports.

The man was allegedly wounded some time between 4pm and 5pm (WST), and was taken to hospital for surgery.

A Department of Corrective Services spokeswoman told Perth Now police were investigating the incident.

In recent months, a tattoo shop was firebombed, bikies were assaulted and explosives were seized.

The injured Rock Machine bikie is facing charges of attempted murder, wilfully destroying evidence and possessing an unlicensed firearm.

Police allege he went to Mr Martin's home on March 18 and fired a gun twice in a drive-by shooting.

One shot hit Mr Martin in the elbow while the second struck a motorcycle at the house.

Police allege the accused later set a car on fire to destroy evidence.

FORMER Coffin Cheater bikie gang member accused of slitting a man's throat and shooting him in the head intends to plead not guilty

Thursday, 19 May 2011

FORMER Coffin Cheater bikie gang member accused of slitting a man's throat and shooting him in the head intends to plead not guilty to the two charges against him, a Perth court has heard.

Mark Raymond Hinchliffe, 49, today appeared in the Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court via video link from Hakea Prison.

Mr Hinchliffe has been charged with attempted murder and assault occasioning bodily harm over allegations he shot a man in the head and then slit his throat on the night of May 9 in North Yunderup, south of Perth.

The victim sustained an 18cm gash to his throat and narrowly survived the attack after undergoing emergency surgery.

Mr Hinchliffe’s lawyer Terry Dobson told the court today his client would be pleading not guilty to all charges.

Mr Dobson said a bail application would be lodged in the “near future.”

No charges against police in fatal shooting of gang member

The Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office has determined that the death of an Iron Horsemen motorcycle gang member killed at a Camp Washington bar by Cincinnati police in September was justified and therefore charges will not be brought against the department.

The prosecutor's office signed off on the matter last month, The Enquirer has learned.

Harry Seavey was killed after being shot by police at J.D. Honky Tonk and Emporium on Sept. 18.

The incident unfolded after a police noticed several motorcycles on Spring Grove Avenue and several Iron Horsemen across the street in the beer garden.

The battle killed Seavey, 51, of Portland, Maine, and injured two Cincinnati police officers. Police said at the time there were at least 30 rounds exchanged.

The police department has not released the names of the officers involved, arguing that their safety could be compromised. The Enquirer has filed a lawsuit to try to get that information.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters sent a letter to the police department's homicide unit on April 12 informing him that the vice officers did not violate any laws with the shooting.


Cops arrest pair they claim are key players in crime ring

Police arrested two men Wednesday whom they described as key players in a crime ring that included members of biker gangs, a strip club with prostitutes, and several drug pushers.

The arrests took place in Mercier, on the South Shore.

A 47-year-old man described as the ringleader was arrested at his home on Vallée St. and released on a promise to appear in court, Longueuil police Constable Gaétan Durocher said.

The charges he faces were not known Wednesday.

The man is alleged to have been the head of a drug distribution and organized crime ring covering Mercier, Châteauguay and St. Isidore.

The second man, 45, is alleged to have been a key drug salesperson in the ring. He was arrested at his home on Sauvé St.

He was being detained and was arraigned on drug charges by video conference from the Valleyfield courthouse.

Police said they seized $7,000 in cash, 10 pills of methamphetamine, 100 grams of cocaine, a weigh scale and cutting machine, documents related to organized crime and drug trafficking, a video surveillance camera, a computer, several cellphones, a fake pistol and accounting documents.

Officers with Longueuil and Châteauguay police, as well as the Sûreté du Québec, participated in the operation as part of a regional task force.

The operation brings to 13 the number of people arrested in the past month who are alleged to have been part of the same network, Durocher said.

On April 21, police arrested four people, ages 24 to 68, on drug-related offences. They are alleged to have ties to street gangs.

On May 6, three strippers and two clients were arrested at the Paradise Club in Mercier, which police allege was a common bawdy house.


Biker Gang turncoat tells court of “heavy heart”

The star witness in the trial of sixteen members of biker gangs took to the stand on Monday under heavy police protection.

The 25-year-old, identified only by his initials, MFP, who has confessed to being involved in five attempted murders and two assaults, spoke to a cleared court in Glostrup with press, spectators and defendants listening to his testimony over speakers in rooms around the court building.

Starting ten days of testimony, MFP explained that it was a combination of guilt from his crimes and fear that something may happen to his girlfriend or parents that made him want to confess.

Questioned by the prosecutor about whether it was permitted by the Hells Angels to speak to his girlfriend about the attacks he took part in, he answered:

“I had to talk about the things I had done and I couldn’t with other gang members, because everyone wanted to be hardcore. So I spoke to my girlfriend about it. It is against the Hells Angels codex. What happens in the club stays in the club but I had a heavy stone I wanted to move from my heart.”

But he knew that by talking about his deeds he had placed himself in danger.

“I know these people well and I know what they’re capable of. I’ve had many nasty experiences with them and seen how they can plan things. So I knew what I had to fear especially for those closest to me.”

Both his parents and girlfriend have been questioned by police in the case.

A week last Thursday the court heard from the police what made MFP come forward initially.

While in jail for a assaulting a 24-year-year old man in 2009, MFP chose to confess to the non-gang related attack.

But police phone taps of fellow gang members revealed how he was being suspected of betraying them, with one gang member recorded as saying: “I’m not judging him, but it looks like he’s snitched.”

When MFP suddenly started receiving less mail and support from gang members outside jail, the police decided to inform him that he was in danger.

“We were under the impression that it wasn’t a question of whether something would happen to him but when,” a police officer from Copenhagen’s gang unit told the court.

After consulting with his lawyer, MFP decided to cooperate with the police.

His current conviction was reduced to twelve years from life after cooperating with police. But he revealed on Monday how he initially hoped to have his sentence reduced to eight years for his confession.

But according to MFP a reduced sentence was not his only reason for confessing. He told the court how the crimes he performed for the Hells Angels conflicted with his upbringing.

“I want to make a difference. I hope with all my heart that I can,” he said.

The court case, which is set to run through to September, is the largest criminal action ever taken against gangs in Denmark.

Among the 16 defendants from the Hells Angel and the affiliated AK81 gang is the notorious Brian Sandberg who was the target of two attempts on his life in 2009 before his arrest in 2010 for allegedly ordering two murders.

west Wales chapter of The Outlaws - rivals to the Hell's Angels - have already forfeited more than £7,500 in cash and when the police swooped they confiscated £130,000 worth of drugs, vehicles and property.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

gang of drug dealing bikers from Milford Haven and Neyland made a minimum £40,000 selling heroin and cocaine.

The figure will rise when experts have worked out how much gang leader Michael Barnes made out of dealing in Class A drugs.

Barnes, aged 46, of Neyland Heights, Neyland, Michael Orford, aged 44, of Pier Road, Milford Haven, Christopher James Morrissey, aged 20, of St Annes Road, Milford Haven, and Steven Morris and Dane Gosling, from Aberdare, were due at Swansea crown court for a proceeds of crime hearing.

Orford, Gosling and Morrisey refused to leave their prison cells and attend the hearing on Friday, May 13th.

Ian Wright, prosecuting, said some calculations had been made and agreed with defence lawyers - Morris had made £23,387, Morrisey £3,000 and Gosling £8,672.

They and other members of the west Wales chapter of The Outlaws - rivals to the Hell's Angels - have already forfeited more than £7,500 in cash and when the police swooped they confiscated £130,000 worth of drugs, vehicles and property.

The haul included 45g of cocaine, two kilogramme of cannabis and one kilogramme of amphetamine.

Judge Keith Thomas ruled that Morris was broke and ordered him to pay a nominal £5. Gosling owned a car and was told to pay £1,875.

More orders will be made at future hearings.

Barnes is serving a five year sentence, Orford four and a half years and Morrissey one year.

They were all convicted of conspiring to supply class A and B drugs.

The gang, in total, received sentences totaling more than 28 years.

25-year-old man and associate of the motorcycle gang Rock Machine was charged overnight over the death of the older man

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Australia - Police are investigating whether bouncers at a Perth beachside pub allowed outlaw motorcycle gang members access despite management wishing to bar them, hours before a 29-year-old man was allegedly thrown through the pub's second storey window.
A 25-year-old man and associate of the motorcycle gang Rock Machine was charged overnight over the death of the older man, who crashed through the Ocean Beach Hotel's glass pane and plummeted seven metres to the pavement below.

Pub revellers tried helping the injured man, who was found in a pool of blood and broken glass and had suffered serious head and spinal wounds from the fall.

Federal prosecutors are alleging that a Hell’s Angels member threatened a witness — through a Facebook page “poke.”

The allegations, which run counter to the motorcycle club’s “tough-guy” image, were challenged this morning by a federal judge. Beforehand, however, the courtroom became an open forum in which lawyers, a probation officer, a court reporter, and, yes, even a newspaper reporter were asked by the judge for insight into how Facebook privacy settings work. (Only a few — newspaper reporter excluded — could provide answers.)

Today, a federal prosecutor asked that bail be revoked for Richard “Eric” Riedman, who authorities allege is a member of the Hell’s Angels. Riedman is awaiting trial on allegations that he and others stole scrap metal from a CSX railroad yard. An earlier trial on the charges ended up with a hung jury.

Riedman also was recently charged in connection with an alleged baseball bat beating by an Angel’s member of a man in a Lyell Avenue bar. Federal authorities allege that Riedman and others help set up and cover up the crime in the 2006 beating. Riedman faces a bail hearing in that case tomorrow.

At today’s hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Brett Harvey contended that Riedman’s bail should be revoked in the scrap metal case because he allegedly “poked” a cooperating witness — Christopher Monfort — through Facebook. That “poke” — a largely meaningless Facebook communication method — came from the Facebook page of “Erock Shock,” which turned out to be Riedman’s.

On the page were earlier postings by Riedman stating “Retribution,” a video of Riedman playing a guitar, and a photo of a tattoo stating “WAR,” which prosecutors say is a Rochester chapter Hell’s Angel acronym for “We’re Always Right.”

In court today, Riedman’s attorney, Michael Tallon, said “Retribution” is a name of both a band that Riedman likes and a song they perform.

Authorities allege that Riedman was ordered not to have contact with Monfort, who testified for almost nine days in the earlier scrap metal trial. They also allege that the Facebook “poke” could be the basis of a criminal charge of tampering with a witness.

U.S. District Judge Charles Siragusa questioned today why prosecutors didn’t criminally charge Riedman if they believed they had sufficient proof he had tried to intimidate a witness. Harvey said prosecutors might not have enough evidence to prove guilt because Riedman’s computer is now being monitored after being seized.

Harvey acknowledged, “This isn’t a straightforward … threat.”

Siragusa refused to detain Riedman, who is jailed for now on the other charge, and asked prosecutors to send more information after the computer is analyzed.

German police detain 52 in biker brawl

Sunday, 8 May 2011

German police said Sunday they used dogs and truncheons to break up violent clashes between the Hells Angels and a rival biker gang in the northern city of Bremen and detained 52 suspects.
Officers moved in late Saturday when members of the Mongols gang descended on the local clubhouse of the Hells Angels.
"Members of the two clubs began provoking each other and it eventually led to injuries," police said in a statement.
A group of Mongols and their supporters that had been led away later began resisting police.
"In response, officers deployed dogs and truncheons," the statement said.
A total of 52 people were taken into custody, while one officer and two civilians were injured.
Many biker gangs in Germany have links to organised crime, leading to rampant violence between warring groups.


self-described member of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang surrendered to police without incident Friday after barricading himself in his home after trying to shoot his wife.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The standoff forced the lockdown of MacArthur Elementary School for 30 minutes as a precaution.

The school is about two blocks away from where the incident occurred, according to Cedar Lake Police Chief Roger Patz.

Leslie M. Falk, 40, who lives in the 6800 block of W. 128th Ave., barricaded himself in his home after police responded to a call around 11:07 a.m. about the shooting incident, Patz said.

Renate Falk, the suspect’s wife, told police her husband said she was going to die today before choking her and firing a gun at her. Patz said the victim was not shot in the incident, but did have finger marks around her neck.

Detective Sgt. Keith Wood was able to speak to the man by telephone and made several attempts to talk him into surrendering to police.

At first Falk responded by locking the doors to the house. Wood ultimately was able to talk the man into surrendering. Falk walked out of the house unarmed and surrendered to police. The whole incident lasted about 45 minutes.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Police SWAT Team was requested at the scene, but was called off after Falk surrendered.

Falk is being held at the Lake County Jail on charges of domestic battery, criminal recklessness and attempted murder. He was first checked out for chest pain at St. Anthony Medical Center in Crown Point.

The criminal recklessness charges stems from the gunshot.

“The shot was fired while there was a young child in the house,” Patz said.

Police have found the bullet hole and are still searching for the handgun.

Five members of the Red Devil motorcycle gang have been granted electronic bail,

Five members of the Red Devil motorcycle gang have been granted electronic bail, with the judge allowing them three hours outside their house each day to take stress off their families.

The public gallery was full of female supporters and partners of the men in the Nelson District Court yesterday who gasped and wept with joy when Judge Mike Behrens granted the men electronic bail. A security guard passed the women tissues.

Thomas Joseph Bashford, 51, of Motueka; Mark James Lee, 57 of Nelson; Roger Paul Patrick, 50, of Nelson, Russell Phillip Lloyd, 54 and Damian John Stacey, 33, of Brightwater, were yesterday granted electronic bail.

Lloyd and Stacey were in Nelson and allowed out on electronic bail yesterday, but the other three remained in Christchurch and will be freed on electronic bail on Monday.

Colin Chinnock, 52, an apiarist, of Ngatimoti was granted bail by Judge Behrens on Thursday.

The men have been in custody since their arrest in March following a high-profile police raid called Operation Explorer on their Natalie St, Nelson headquarters.

Police arrested 37 people in Operation Explorer and seized 800 items, including 13 motorbikes, 16 firearms and two pipe bombs in the operation after searching several properties in the region.

The arrests were the result of an 18-month police operation, which used electronic surveillance and undercover police officers.

The Red Devils are said to be a puppet gang of the international motorcycle gang the Hells Angels.

Some of the men yesterday granted bail had previously been denied bail in the Nelson District Court, a decision which was upheld on appeal in the High Court.

Judge Behrens said he believed he could grant electronic bail yesterday as he had different information to the other judges who had refused the men bail.

Judge Behrens said any trial for the men could be 12 or 18 months away and that electronic bail for that time was like a sentence of home detention.

"I'm aware that people on home detention face stresses which can affect and hurt their families."

Judge Behrens said he would give each man a window of three hours each day where they could get out.

He said in particular in families where there had been previous domestic disputes it put extra pressure on families, which could possibly result in more offending by the men.

He set strict conditions on their bail including non-association orders and the men were also required to surrender their passports if they had them.

Speaking outside court, police prosecutor Sergeant Chris Stringer said the three hours each man was allowed into the community would be staggered so they could not meet up.

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The men have been charged with various offences including participating in a criminal gang.

Patrick has been charged with a number of offences including drug charges, assault with intent to injure and robbery.

Bashford faces drug charges including offering and conspiring to supply methamphetamine.

Lee faces drug charges, including offering to supply methamphetamine.

Lloyd faces charges involving drugs, receiving and conspiring to injure.

Stacey faces drugs charges, unlawfully possessing a firearm and burglary charges.

Chinook faces drug charges including conspiring to deal the drug pscilocine and unlawfully possessing a firearm.

Ex-cop angry of targeting of Harleys and treatment of Hells Angels

Friday, 6 May 2011

Supporters of the Big Five motorcycle clubs - the Hells Angels, Pagans, Outlaws, Bandidos, and Mongols - insist the vast majority of members are law-abiding citizens with nothing more than a rebellious streak and an affinity for Harley Davidsons.

The Nanaimo RCMP are unfairly targeting them because of their reputations and image, and those non-members who ride Harleys.

I'm anger remembering how the Nanaimo clubhouse was the hub and a place to plan peaceful events that poured more $$ millions back into the city's economy. It had been seized under the B.C. Civil Forfeiture Act in 2007, which remains nothing more than legalized theft of personal property.

My anger turns to sadness thinking about Zeke, who disappeared in May of '93. It wasn't long for anger returned as wondered how hard the RCMP are trying to solve Zeke's - even if they put half the effort into enforcing unfair noise laws.

Contrary to public perception, mostly generated by law enforcement and ignorance, the Hells Angels are a club of motorcycle enthusiasts made up of very normal, law-abiding citizens - fathers, brothers, a few grandfathers, working and retired, loving family men, who pay their taxes on time.

I'm a former cop who at first bought into the propaganda. Once I exercised critical thinking skills, and getting to know men like Zeke, I realized how narrow some opinions were and how laws have become one-sided, targeting individuals without cause, but rather because they fit the image police say, are the bad guys.

I'm looking for a lawyer to help fight law enforcement that are unfairly targeting all Harley Davidson motorcyclists that have after market exhaust even thought they are quiet just solely based on exhaust manufacture make and models. I'm also looking for motorcycle enthusiasts to protest this violation of the Charter.

William Perry
Victoria, BC


arrested on methamphetamine allegations was 35-year-old George Christie III, the son of the longtime Hells Angels leader.

Monday, 2 May 2011

California gang unit detectives investigating firearms thefts have arrested five Hells Angels members during a raid on the biker gang's Ventura clubhouse.
The Ventura County Sheriff's Department says the Friday raid came after a three-week investigation into the theft of a gun safe from an Ojai home. Evidence led to a search warrant for the Hells Angels clubhouse and gang investigators arrived during a club meeting.
Five motorcycle gang members were arrested and booked for investigation of being under the influence of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana for sale or possession of a deadly weapon.
Among those arrested on methamphetamine allegations was 35-year-old George Christie III, the son of the longtime Hells Angels leader.

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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