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Highland motorcycle gang leader sought

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Authorities are looking for a university professor from Highland, suspected of being the leader of a motorcycle gang involved in drugs and weapons.

Steve Kinzey, 43, of Highland, a kinesiology professor at California State University San Bernardino is the target of a widespread search and identified as the leader of the gang.

At a news conference at Sheriffs Headquarters in San Bernardino Thursday, Sheriff Rod Hoops and investigators detailed how a six-month investigation had identified members of the gang, which also included Kinzey’s girlfriend, Holly Robinson, also of Highland.

Kinzey was said to be the chapter president of the Devils Disciples Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

The investigation triggered a federal undercover investigation of outlaw motorcycle gangs in San Bernardino County.

On Friday, Aug. 26, the San Bernardino County Gang Impact Federal Task Force served a search warrant at Kinzey's Eat Highlands Ranch home. Investigators say they recovered over a pound of methamphetamine, firearms and evidence showing involvement with the Devils Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

Holy Robinson was at the home when the raid occurred, and she was arrested for possession and sales of illegal drugs and possession of firearms with the drugs. She was said to be Kinzey’s partner and participated in illegal transactions during the course of the investigation.

Other arrests include Eric Cortez, 31, and his girlfriend, Chelsa Johnson, 34 of Redlands; Jeremy Disney, 30, of San Bernardino; Hans Preszler, 51, of San Bernardino, Edward Freer, 43, of Helendale; Christopher Rikerd, 37, of Redlands; Elaine Flores, 35, of Redlands; Stephanie Padilla, 33, of Redlands; and Wendi Witherell, 34, of Mentone.



A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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