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MAN nicknamed "Nick the knife", allegedly part of a bikie gang's "terror team" and accused of fighting in a violent brawl in Adelaide, will be allowed to return to Queensland on bail.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Nicholas John Forbes, 41, is accused of taking part in a fight between the Finks and Hells Angels gangs at a Hindley Street nightclub on May 29.

He was granted bail in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday, prompting prosecutors to seek a review in the Supreme Court on Monday.

Prosecutor Anthony Quartuccio told the court the Finks member was a danger to the public with a strong risk of reoffending.

"This offending ... occurred quite brazenly in areas peppered by CCTV footage," he said of the nightclub brawl.

"That is indicative of a person who essentially cannot be relied upon to be deterred by the loss of finance."

Forbes has been charged with aggravated riot after being arrested and extradited from the Gold Coast.

Mr Quartuccio said it was alleged surveillance footage clearly identified Forbes in the brawl.

"Within minutes there are 25 people in the dance floor fighting. The fight involved punching, kicking, throwing bar stools," he said.

Mr Quartuccio also alleged Forbes was part of an internal unit within the Finks gang called "terror team", based in Surfers Paradise, that was responsible for enforcing violence.

But defence counsel Craig Caldicott said no such team existed and explained Forbes' nickname as something he picked when he went hunting as a teenager.

"It is a nickname he has been living with him for over 20 years," he said.

Mr Caldicott said his client also intended to plead not guilty and should get bail because his co-accused had been released.

"The footage I have seen on the TV looks quite grainy," he said.

Justice Chris Kourakis refused the crown appeal but amended Forbes' bail to force him to report to Queensland police six days a week and for his sister to post a $5000 guarantee.

That was on top of conditions imposed in the magistrates court, which included a $10,000 cash surety and a $10,000 guarantor.

Eighteen other bikies have been arrested in relation to the Hindley Street brawl and will appear with Forbes in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on July 1.


A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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