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Biker Gangs in Germany: Hell's Angels and Bandidos Agree to a Truce - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Biker Gangs in Germany: Hell's Angels and Bandidos Agree to a Truce - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International: "the Hell's Angels and Bandidos are arranging a truce in Germany. For over a year the two biker gangs have been involved in violent conflict. But on Wednesday a ceasefire will be sealed with a handshake in Hanover.
At the end of April, the biker gangs Hell's Angels and Bandidos were banned in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein -- a result of a rash of violent incidents between the two groups in the recent past. This month, other German states were considering following suit.
Now, though, that may no longer be necessary. The two gangs, sworn enemies who have been involved in an escalating conflict over control of various criminal activities and terrain since early 2009, said on Monday that they want to make peace.
The truce -- agreed to by the vice president of the Bandidos in Europe, Peter M. and Frank H., the president of the Hell's Angels Charters in Hanover -- will be sealed 'by a handshake' on Wednesday in a lawyer's office in Hanover."

leader of one of Europe's most notorious biker gangs is facing a prison sentence after being found guilty of drug offences.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Stuart Dawson, known as Dink, was convicted of conspiracy to supply class B drugs at Caernarfon Crown Court.
He is the Europe and Asia head of the Outlaws gang and was found guilty after extensive surveillance work in his stronghold of Colwyn Bay.
It was from there that he oversaw the rapid growth of the gang as it challenged bitter rivals the Hells Angels in its heartland.
The feud led to the murder of Hells Angel Gerry Tobin on the M40.
He was shot by Outlaws who were angry that a rival festival had been held in Warwickshire, an area they considered to be their turf.
After the shooting the killers were in contact with the Outlaws hierarchy within minutes.
Outlaws and Hells Angels also clashed at Birmingham Airport, using machetes and iron bars to attack each other in the arrivals hall.

Dink, president of the Outlaws biker gang in Europe and Asia
Stuart Dawson

Dink ran the Outlaws from his chapter's clubhouse in Colwyn Bay, but travelled widely overseeing the setting up of new chapters all over the world.
It is thought he spent £200,000 in the last ten years on foreign travel, but his undoing came just a few miles from home.
Detectives noticed a pattern in phone calls between high-ranking Outlaws prior to drugs deals.
On the last occasion, Dink was present. Amphetamines worth £20,000 had been sold.
Last year Dink spoke exclusively to Sky News, denying police assertions that he was the head of one of Europe's biggest organised crime gangs.
Detectives believe Outlaws are involved in drug dealing, murder, prostitution and extortion across the world.
Last July Dink told me: "If any of our members have done anything wrong they've been duly punished for it.
"It's ridiculous to say we're an organised crime group, we're disorganised really, we're just different."
The Outlaws gang was established in 1935 in Chicago.

Police target Hells Angels in Gothenburg - The Local

Police target Hells Angels in Gothenburg - The Local: "police operation targeted a Hells Angels chapter in Gunnilse in Gothenburg and several people were detained during the course of the raid.
'We were very happy with the outcome,' said police spokesperson Stefan Gustafsson to news agency TT.
The raid was part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of assault, robbery and aggravated weapons offences, and was preceded by surveillance. Västra Götaland police were joined by officers from the National Criminal Investigation Department and hit the club premises at around 6pm on Wednesday and continued all evening. A forensic examination and thorough search of the premises was conducted later.
When the officers forced their way into the premises they found around 20 people present, of whom around a dozen were taken into custody."

HA member convicted in thumb clipping case

Thursday, 20 May 2010

HA member convicted in thumb clipping case: "member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang was convicted today in the beating and mutilation of his ex-wife’s boyfriend – despite the victim’s lack of testimony.
In January last year the 35-year-old boyfriend was taken at knifepoint into a car by two men and driven to a deserted area in the city’s Amager district. He was then beaten into unconsciousness and awoke to find his thumb had been severed.
Yet according to Politiken newspaper, the victim testified in the Copenhagen city court today he could not remember who his attackers were. Prosecutors had jailed the man two weeks ago for withholding information, believing he knew the gang member was behind the crime but was afraid to say anything."

MANVILLE: Hells Angels coming to town | CentralJersey.com

MANVILLE: Hells Angels coming to town CentralJersey.com: "Rhythms of the Night on South Main Street on Sunday when the Hells Angels Newark hosts its annual spring party at the restaurant from 1 to 6 p.m.

”We are just providing a police presence to ensure that things go smoothly,” said Manville Police Chief Mark Peltack. “The Hells Angels had a spring party in Bridgewater last year, and it went off without a hitch.”

But the increased police presence will entail having Manville’s entire department on duty for the five hours in addition to a large number of officers from surrounding towns and other personnel."

Project Divide sting leads to additional jail time - Winnipeg Free Press

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Project Divide sting leads to additional jail time - Winnipeg Free Press: "Ryan Cory Sawatzky admitted Tuesday to selling two ounces of poor quality cocaine to a long-time biker associate who was actually working undercover for the police.
Sawatzky, 28, was given 33 months behind bars, in addition to six months of time already spent in custody under a joint-recommendation from Crown and defence lawyers. He was one of 31 people arrested last December as part of 'Project Divide' and is the seventh to plead guilty.
Crown attorney Mark Lafreniere said Sawatzky was caught on camera delivering the drugs to the secret agent outside his home last November. Sawatzky had been a prospect with the Zig Zag Crew, which is the feeder crew to the Hells Angels, but had turned in his vest weeks earlier in an apparent bid at a fresh start in life.
He quickly got pulled back in when the agent, Michael Satsatin, came looking $150 in unpaid dues that he still owed, court was told. Sawatzky agreed to eliminate his debt by selling the cocaine, which had been severely diluted by cutting agents and was only seven per cent pure."

Christian biker leader gets probation for role in bar brawl | set, free, aguilar - News - The Orange County Register

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Christian biker leader gets probation for role in bar brawl set, free, aguilar - News - The Orange County Register: "head of the Set Free Soldiers Christian motorcycle club has resolved a nearly two-year criminal case by pleading guilty to a felony for his role in a bloody barroom brawl involving members of the Hells Angels.
Phillip Aguilar, 62, of Anaheim pleaded guilty last week to possession of ammunition by a prohibited person and was sentenced to three years of probation by Judge Margaret Anderson at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach. In exchange for Aguilar's guilty plea Thursday, prosecutors dismissed three other felony charges against him: possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of brass knuckles, and street terrorism, said Farrah Emami, a spokeswoman for the district attorney's office.
Aguilar, a twice-convicted felon before the 2008 beachside brawl erupted, is founder of the Set Free church in Anaheim, where his Christian motorcycle club originated."

Cop acquitted of leaking documents to Hells Angels

Bikers Of America, Know Your Rights!: Cop acquitted of leaking documents to Hells Angels: "Although some of Dean Rudge's actions were questionable, Judge Harrison Arrell says he was unable to determine without a reasonable doubt that the Niagara Regional Police constable was responsible for leaking confidential information to the Hells Angels. In a Welland courtroom Thursday, Rudge was acquitted of a breach of trust by a public officer charge stemming from his April 2007 arrest.
The 47-year-old has been with the NRPS since 1985. He pleaded not guilty to the charge in February of this year and chose to be judged solely by judge. Rudge was an officer working out of the Port Colborne detachment when police were investigating the Hells Angels through Project Tandem. When raids were executed throughout southern Ontario and in Niagara in 2006, police found that members of the gang were in possession of confidential documents including police memos about the ongoing investigation and information about the rival Outlaws motorcycle gang considering a return to Niagara."

Man can’t ride with Hells Angels after 3rd-offense DUI | The Daily Republic | Mitchell, South Dakota

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Man can’t ride with Hells Angels after 3rd-offense DUI The Daily Republic Mitchell, South Dakota: "Reno, Nev., man who admitted to being a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club won’t be allowed to ride with the group for 30 months as part of his sentence for third-offense driving under the influence.
Lloyd Wayne Vetos, 45, was arrested in Mitchell on Aug 11, 2009, for driving his motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol after drinking what he later admitted to be four beers and “a couple of shots of Jagermeister.”
On Tuesday, Judge Tim Bjorkman gave Vetos a twoyear suspended penitentiary sentence, but ordered him to serve a total of 89 days in the Davison County Jail over three segments between today and 2012.
Vetos was also sentenced to pay a $500 fine and various court costs. He will be on probation for 30 months, during which time he is to obey all laws, consent to warrantless search and seizure and lose his driver’s license for one year from the date of his incarceration."

Police Watching Outlaws Funeral | FOX Charlotte | Local News

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Police Watching Outlaws Funeral FOX Charlotte Local News: "member of the Outlaws motorcycle club will be laid to rest Saturday near Clover, South Carolina and the event has gotten the attention of local police. Experts tell us funerals are typically 'neutral' territory, but tensions have been growing between the Outlaws and Hells Angels over the past few years. 'We are just gonna treat it just like any other service with dignity and respect and we know that everyone else will be there for the same reasons,' says ML Ford & Sons Funeral Home Director Jay Dover. The funeral is for a 52-year-old biker who died in a motorcycle accident. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police tell us they have the funeral on their radar and will be looking for bikers flying their colors as they travel through Charlotte to get to the Clover area."

In Brief - Winnipeg Free Press

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

In Brief - Winnipeg Free Press: "denied bail to a former Manitoba RCMP officer who gave up the badge and allegedly became a high-ranking Hells Angels associate.
Wayne Shuttleworth learned Monday he will have to remain behind bars while pending on charges connected to a massive undercover police investigation dubbed Project Divide.
Shuttleworth has been in custody since December, when police executed a series of search warrants and arrested 31 targets in Manitoba and British Columbia.
A court-ordered ban prevents specific details of the bail hearing from being published.
Shuttleworth, 39, has been charged with participating in a criminal organization, trafficking a firearm, possession of proceeds of crime and conspiracy to launder money."

Two Hell's Angels jailed in Germany for fatal assault - Monsters and Critics

Two Hell's Angels jailed in Germany for fatal assault - Monsters and Critics: "Two Hell's Angels gang members were jailed Tuesday by a German court for an attack on the leader of a rival motorcycle gang during a struggle for control of gang zones.
One, aged 29, was given 90 months for assault leading to death. The other, aged 43, was convicted as an accessory and given 48 months after he gave evidence for the prosecution."

Judge pulled off Hells Angels case

Monday, 3 May 2010

Judge pulled off Hells Angels case: "judge of the Quebec Court of Appeal has been pulled off a case involving the Hells Angels because he once represented the biker gang as a lawyer.
Quebec's chief justice, Michel Robert, made the from a cdecision to remove Judge Jacques Léger case after learning Léger advised the Hells in a case involving the gang's logos before being appointed to the higher court in 2006, Radio-Canada reported yesterday."

Local briefs: Fresno Bulldog gang member arrested - Crime & Court News - fresnobee.com

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Local briefs: Fresno Bulldog gang member arrested - Crime & Court News - fresnobee.com: "Fresno police arrested an 18-year-old Bulldog gang member of Fresno and retrieved a gun Friday afternoon, authorities said.
Sgt. Gary Beer said officers attempted to pull a vehicle over about 2:20 p.m. on the 4700 block of East Montecito Avenue. The man jumped out and ran into the backyard of a home, throwing a revolver onto a roof.
Police found the man in a woman's home after she called police and said that she had allowed a man to use her restroom, but he refused to leave her home.
The man was charged with being an armed felon, possessing a firearm in public and promoting gang activity."

Rival biker gangs brawl in Minneiska

Rival biker gangs brawl in Minneiska: "eight members of the Hells Angels and Outlaws motorcycle clubs fought about 2 p.m. Saturday in the parking lots of the Eagle View Bar and Grill and Buck's Bar and Grill, while scores of other bikers watched, Chief Deputy Ron Ganrude said.
No one involved in the fight would speak to police, so no citations were written for the brawl, though two people were cited for possessing brass knuckles.
The two bars are stops during the annual Spring Flood Run, which was held Saturday and commemorates when bikers helped save the area from flooding in 1965.
It was unclear Monday if the rival gangs were in Minneiska on Saturday for the run; bikers generally don't make their way to the Winona area until later in the day, Ganrude said.
Deputies were dispatched after a report that several motorcycle gang members were beating up a person outside the bars, Ganrude said. When deputies arrived, they learned a large group of bikers involved in the fight had left and were driving south on Hwy. 61."

The Hells Angels in Streatham — Streatham Pulse

The Hells Angels in Streatham — Streatham Pulse: "Several hundred Hells Angels rode through Streatham yesterday. Many thought it was a motorcycle rally but it was in fact a funeral procession for a well known and well loved biker called ‘Charger’. He was a devoted Hells Angel for nearly four decades who died recently whilst riding up the A1 on his way to party with fellow Hells Angels. The procession left the official Hells Angels London clubhouse in East London and travelled to Streatham Park Cemetery on Rowan Road where he was laid to rest."

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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