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Member of the Misfits motorcycle gang

Saturday, 20 February 2010

 Member of the Misfits motorcycle gang told an investigator that the two male defendants were part of the gang, the investigator testified to Friday.Lt. David Bertocchini of the San Joaquin County District Attorney Investigations Office testified in the case against Joseph Henri Deshetres, Thomas Loyd Dudney and Cheryl Ann Reese for charges of intimidating a witness and participating in the criminal street gang, the Misfits.Dudney, 59, of Fulton, Deshetres, 62, of Santa Rosa and Reese, 56, of Lakeport allegedly conspired in November to intimidate a witness in the attempted murder case against Dudney.Special allegations that the crimes were committed for the benefit of a criminal street gang accompany the first charge. The charges with special allegations carry a life sentence.Dudney, Joshua Isaac Wandrey of Rohnert Park and Deborah Ann James of Windsor allegedly shot, tortured and hogtied Ronald Greiner Oct. 20 at the Lakeport man's home on South Main Street behind the Record-Bee building.Dudney and Wandrey, 35, are charged with premeditated attempted murder, aggravated mayhem, torture, home invasion robbery in concert with another, first-degree burglary, assault with a firearm, assault with a blunt force object, assault likely to produce great bodily injury, serious battery, simple mayhem and participating in the criminal street gang, the Misfits.Three of the 11 charges carry life sentence.Women associated with the Misfits used to be given patches that say "property of" but now would not likely receive anything signifying the gang unless it was given as a gift, Bertocchini said."A Misfit is a male," Bertocchini said. "You can't be a female to be in the Misfits."Bertocchini said Reese said she had "no love" for the Misfits because they didn't come see her when she was sick and that after 35 years of knowing Dudney, he involves other people in his trouble.Bertocchini testified the crimes alleged against the defendants would benefit the Misfits."I do believe intimidating a witness does benefit the Misfits gang," Bertocchini said. "Success allows the gang to prosper, it makes the patch carry more weight."Bertocchini said if the Misfits brought someone close to the gang and that person informed on them they would be targeted for possible violent retribution.He testified that stealing about 10 pounds of marijuana could also benefit the Misfits to make money off sales and to pay members' $40-a-month dues.Bertocchini explained that 1-percent branding signifies the Misfits criminal society. He said if Dudney had carved 1 percent into the door of his cell at the Lake County Jail that the defendant likely still supports the Misfits."He's still so loyal to the Misfits," Bertocchini said. "He's marking his area."


smokinjo29 said...

I was in Reno Jan 15th to 17th and talked to a man who wore the Misfits Bikers Jacket. Dont recall his name but he was really nice and told me a lot of how he was in NAM lost a few friends in there. He says the Misfits started out as a few guys who liked to ride and liked the patch they made. He stated, sure I guess you could call it a gang but it was just buddies hanging out, the girls liked us because we had some kinda meaning to them so we were good on the chicks. He discussed details when there was a problem with one biker group and I guess the description shows two males not gettin along caused a heated thing between them. If it was not for the other guy headin off to his biker group and squeeling like a rat, about his problems I dont think it would ever have been a big thing. But I guess if you say crap about one name of a goupe of people they have to be like the blacks and do drive bys cos they said the word wrong or told some dude his momma wore combat boots.

I lived with two really nice HElls Angles ladys in Calgary Canada in 1993. Barbara and Lily. I had no idea who they associates with when I was renting out the house. But when Lily asked me to get her bike ready for the summer and saw two Harley's in the garadge then meeting John I later found out they were of the Hells Angles.

I told this to the guy out of the Misfits and he got upset then started talking about things being great if all the bikers would get together and form a union and be one. It would be a great thing too. Having a body (like the government has many) supporting all bikers and bikers with problems. That way when one boss (sotosay) has a problem with someone in another group then the two bosses can talk it over.

Of course they have to make their own laws or policies but at least it is millions of bikers as one team with each having a team of leaders to sort things out like the union does the employment area.

Bikers have problems like everyone else. Gangs are no different than the police force, the military, the FBI or the CIA. Its just a street name for what the modern people call the government.

Bikers have their way of life just like the Catholics and Christians. But their disagreements are nothing compared to the millions who have died in Jesus name. Suicide, group suicide, or what happened at St. Bartholomew.

Bikers have a right to ride and be proud of what they do for an income as well as what their group does for society or other helping ways. Gangs have a right to exist just like the Obama has a right to be friends with that crook Bush.

Im 47 and I would join a biker group if I could get on thing back in my life. My daughter out of CPS's hands and back into mine permanently.

Like I said. All groups of people have to exist. Because the constitution says, if the government goes against the public the public can form a militia to control the governments actions.

Lets do it. And try to be peaceful about it.

MISFIT Six 1%er SS NOMAD said...

I ran into that same bunch in Albuquerque New Mexico many years ago lets see was - MISFIT WILLY 1%ER NOMAD and a few others - Heard my Brother Willy died back in 90 nice bunch of Brothers - MISFIT SIX 1%ER SS NOMAD Neodesha Kansas -

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty

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